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What Did You Think of Uncle Jesse's Performance on Glee? - Wetpaint

Carl the Dentist (John Stamos) put on his singing hat and dancing shoes in this week’s episode of Glee and we were NOT disappointed. We’re not going to lie, people: His performance may just have been enough to make us switch over from Team Wemma to Team Car-ma (Get it? Carl and Emma?). We want to know what you thought, though. Was having Uncle Jesse sing "Whatever Happened to Saturday Night" enough to send you into conniptions?  Or did his performance fall flat? Discuss Below Source Here

Glee Episode Recap: "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" Season 2, Episode 5

The glee clubbers take on  The Rocky Horror Picture Show  after Will learns of Emma's newfound love of the risqué classic. While Will tries to prove that high school students should be allowed to perform such adult material (with certain restrictions, of course), Sue sets out to prove him wrong. Before we begin, I want to start off by saying it's been at least 10 years since I've seen  The Rocky Horror Picture Show . Thus, I will not pretend I know and love this movie like some of you cult-classic buffs (for shame, I know!), so bare with me during this recap. If I miss some movie reference, you're more than welcome to post it in the comments and educate me! Glee 's take on  Rocky Horror  kicks off with Santana's lips spouting "Science Fiction/Double Feature," before going into a cold open of Rachel, Finn and New Directions singing "Over at the Frankenstein Place" on stage. They're interrupted by Carl, however, who is angry that Will is still going after Emma. Flash back to a week ago, where Emma explains that Carl took her to a midnight screening of  Rocky Horror . Will is flummoxed to learn that Emma is slightly coming out of her misophobic ways. "He's winning," Will says to himself before announcing to Emma that the New Directions are actually doing  Rocky Horror  as a Halloween show. To Read More  Click Here. What did you think of  Glee 's take on  The Rocky Horror Picture Show ? Which was your favorite song? Discuss in the comments below.