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'Gold Rush' season finale: Grandpa John Schnabel is 'feeling wonderful' and proud of Parker

On Friday, March 7, after the first part of the "Gold Rush"Season 4 finale aired on Discovery Channel, fans worried about the health of legendary Alaskan miner John Schnabel, the beloved "grandpa" of 19-year-old miner Parker Schnabel, who's been working this season for equally legendary Canadian miner Tony Beets in the Klondike.The elder Schnabel was undergoing treatment for a recurrence of cancer, and fans rushed to the Internet, concerned that something terrible had happened to the kindly 94-year-old, whose gentle manner, sage advice and obvious love for his grandson have endeared him to viewers' hearts.But Parker assuaged fans' fears, tweeting, "My grandpa is way more of a bada** than I'll ever be."And by the end of the episode, Schnabel and both grandsons -- Payson and Parker -- were back at Smith Creek, part of a family claim deeded to them jointly by Schnabel (according to him, 49 percent to each grandson, with two percent to... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/gold-rush-season-finale-grandpa-john-schnabel-is-feeling-wonderful-and-proud-of-parker.html