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Golden Time Episode #24 Anime Review

Golden Time has worked through some difficult material in the last few episodes, going for overboard drama in some moments but also some really interesting emotional areas to try and explore. With Banri realizing that he’s losing who he is now to who he was before, and seeing the way it was coming out, you got to see the impact on everyone and their reactions. I was glad in a way to see how Koko just went big with her reaction while trying to play it cool, even as she felt so completely filled with loss. It’s the kind of situation where it’s easy to say what you would do, but until you’re in it and with your own unique background, it’s impossible to know. With the kind of in-depth conversations we’ve seen between our two leads, you knew they were truly bonded and close and that she was just trying to protect herself, and him, in the only way she could by just shutting it all down. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #20 Anime Review

Golden Time did some fun things the last time around, but it really came down to that final sequence with Oka trying to shake Banri into realizing he needs to treat Koko better. While there’s always issues to be had in any relationship, it’s different when people outside of it try to get involved and shake one or both of them into dealing with something that they see, which may or may not be a problem in the relationship. With Banri having spent time away with Linda recently, which helped him cope with his issues a whole lot by going back home to deal with old classmates, it could be interpreted in a few ways by others that may not be good. The return to campus and the start of classes again after summer break provides everyone a chance to try and reset and start again. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #19 Anime Review

Golden Time has worked fairly decently, better than I expected really, in how Banri is coping with his past memories surfacing and all the problems that comes with it. He’s managed to challenge and push himself in directions that could unleash more memories while still being very afraid of losing himself in the process, to become who he was and lose who he is now. He’s even lost control of his own body to his old self in a critical instance that saved them, though that can be taken in a number of ways. With him admitting to a doctor that he’s starting to see more of himself, he’s at least showing a proactive approach to trying to deal with it since even though many see it as a simple problem, it’s complex and definitely has its issues not just for him but others. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #18 Anime Review

Providing some time, but not a lot, for the characters to get past some of the struggles they were facing after the accident was certainly interesting overall, especially since Koko and Oka got to have some quality time together previously. While it could have been wrapped up in one episode or made a main point for the remainder of the series, it ended up being a bit short overall and without quite the depth I would have wanted. But it’s able to move forward from there and now life is throwing another curve ball out there as Koko is being asked to front Nana’s group for the upcoming concert so they can have something of an edge for it. Koko’s not exactly keen on it but events work out in a pretty unexpected way due to Koko’s personality and Nana’s intent on achieving her goal. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #17 Anime Review

Golden Time worked through the problems that arose from the car accident fairly well in the previous episode as we got to see how Koko’s father was handling it and some of the other fallout. Naturally, she just hid herself since she was so ashamed, angry and upset with herself over it that she couldn’t allow herself to be around anyone else. But that just gets Banri to force his hand a bit and confront her, which again gives us another beautiful if difficult moment where the two go at it by facing their fears and problems, with themselves and each other, and finding that they really do connect well and that they can support each other right to get through these difficult times. Neither is perfect, neither truly tries to be or appear to be, and both of them know they have their faults that they take too far. But they’re human, worried and scared. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #16 Anime Review

Golden Time offered a whole lot of fun and warmth in the previous episode with the way that the gang headed out to the ocean and really got close together in some great ways. The whole playing in the rain aspect definitely hit all the right marks and made for a beautiful bit of time between Banri and Koko while also allowing the others to connect well. But as much fun as we had overall with their trip to the ocean, it looked like it was going to end in tragedy as the car nearly goes off the road as they all fell asleep on the drive back. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case as Banri’s old self took control of the body and managed to stop them from going over. But how can that impact things is something that’s going to really be intriguing. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #15 Anime Review

Golden Time gave us some good fun in the previous episode with a touch of bathing suit material coming in, but that was all just a lead-up to this episode as the gang heads out to the beach itself. It’s something that was obviously done for the sake of fanservice in the previous episode, but it also had some good character reveal material as well for Koko, which definitely helped to flesh her out a bit more with her issues. Still, the simple material is just as much fun as we see her and Banri heading out for the beach and having Banri talk about wearing his speedo before it delves into the problems of Mitsuo and Linda apparently dating, which is something that can be complicated between the two of them because of their respective feelings and issues from the past. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #14 Anime Review

Golden Time took things a bit further with some of the weather manipulation in the previous episode that was seemingly controlled by the ghost of who Banri used to be, but one has to wonder just how much of that was coincidence. Having Banri and Koko manage to work things out a bit better as time goes on has been one of the fun things about the show as their problems are definitely largely of their own making, but instead of it usually spiraling out of control, they do manage to talk it through and move forward in what seems like a realistic manner rather than either ignoring the events completely or just hammering it over and over. It’s not exactly filled with quick progress, but then again, there is progress and changes to their relationship and that alone puts it above so many other romantic comedies out there. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #13 Anime Review

As we go into the second half of the series, Golden time has done a lot of things that I’ve really appreciated. Though there’s some of the potential for trouble there that we saw with Linda, the past and what it means, we’ve also had a lot of great positives in seeing how Banri and Koko have come together. The biggest part of it all that has truly worked and been wonderful to see is the way that they actually take time to talk with each other when there are problems and figure out what it really means. It’s not all don easily or without hardship, but by simply talking we get a lot of great insights into the characters and it’s very easy to connect with them. This is very important when it comes to Koko since she started off in a rough way, but more important with Banri as we get deep into the fears he has about losing who he is now to who he was before. Read More... //

Golden Time Episode #12 Anime Review

The things we do in order to go out on dates and give those we love something special… how else to explain Banri doing a server job that has him dressing up as a maid of sorts, complete with wig? He’s got the right personality to handle it at least and just laughs at the weirdness of it and enjoys the experience while making money. Heck, when he ends up running into Linda there who is doing the same thing, albeit in a simply little black number, the two of them just have to realize how silly it all is and enjoy the moment. Considering all the tension between them recently, it’s good to have something like this. Of course, while he’s off doing all of this, Koko is back at her place and spiraling shallowly into some despair over not seeing Banri. Read More... //