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Gossip Girl Episode Recap: "Petty in Pink"

In this week's episode, Serena enlists Charlie's help to find out the truth about Dan and Blair's relationship. Blair secretly sees Prince Louis, and Chuck tries to stop Raina from searching for her mother.   What do you think? Is Avery Thorpe still alive and in hiding, or did she really die in the fire that night? Will Vanessa ever realize that she doesn't belong in Dan's world anymore? Will Dan really be dumb enough to woo Serena's cousin after he just lost her over a kiss with Blair? Read More... //www.tvguide.com/tvshows/gossip-girl-2011/episode-19-season-4/petty-pink/288136?rss=episode-recaps

Gossip Girl: "The Witches of Bushwick" Season 4, Episode 9

In this week's episode, Serena has to make a decision between Nate and Dan; Chuck and Blair continue to hide their relationship for business purposes; and the wicked witches of Bushwick are still obsessively plotting Serena's downfall. What did you think of the episode? What is Juliet planning to do with Serena? How has she gotten this far without being stopped?! Have we seen the last of Chuck and Blair again for a while? To Read More  Click Here.

Gossip Girl: "Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore" Season 4, Episode 8

In this week's episode, Nate catches Juliet in another lie, Serena tries to make sense of her ever-complicated love life, and Chuck and Blair continue "hating" each other all over the Upper East Side. What do you think of the triumvirate of Upper East Side outcasts? Is their collective power enough to take down the gang? Who do you think Serena will choose? And are Chuck and Blair back on each other's side for good? To Read More  Click Here.

Gossip Girl 4.07 "War at the Roses"

Wow. The final scene in last night's   Gossip Girl   probably has plenty of fans catching their breaths and parents going mad. It was as if one of the marketing posters from the show's early years came to life and exploded all over the place. The other 40 minutes? Umm... So, peeps, did you scream in joy at the semi-Chair reunion? Throw a shoe at Dan? Or were you still trying to figure out how the hell Ben texted Juliet from behind prison? To Read More  Click here.

'Gossip Girl': 5 possible theories of WTH Katie Cassidy's Juliet is up to

Dear "Gossip Girl": You know we love you and your absurdly unrealistic, yet highly entertaining storylines. You are the guiltiest of our guiltiest pleasures and for that, we love you. That's why we have to tell you this, it's what a true friend would do: You are not "Lost." We need answers and we need them, like three episodes ago. We totally get that Juliet (Katie Cassidy) is supposed to be this season's "big bad," but we're already six episodes into this season and we haven't gotten any answers as to why she is seemingly hell-bent on destroying the lives of our favorite Upper East Siders (and also why she is always wearing grey businesswear...on a college campus). We've decided to get our Veronica Mars on and do a little investigating of our own to try and figure out what Manhattan's elite did to royally piss off Juliet, her locked-up brother Ben (We thought he was her boyfriend. So not shocking, but still ew!), and Serena's love interest turned professor turned accomplice Colin (Sam Page). To Read More Click Here.

The Two Gossip Girl Couples We Haven't Seen

We were thinking it would be fun to poll Gossip Girl fans on which hookup they would most like to see among the characters that the CW series has not already done. Then we thought about it some more and realized there are only two (not counting Dan-Jenny and excluding Eric, for obvious reasons) such combinations remaining: * Chuck and Serena * Dan and Blair Yup, they've tried everything else. Nate? He's obviously slept his way through the UES. But Vanessa has even gotten with the three dudes at one point or another. Would anyone want to see these two couples, though? Even just once? Chair is sort of the bedrock of the show, and Dan and Serena have a lot of fan support, too. Mix them up and you'd have crazy scandal ... maybe that would stop Gossip Girl. Or it'd be just what the producers want. Remember Jenny and Chuck? Just saying. Thoughts? We're sure you have them. Comment and vote below ... Source Here

Gossip Girl This Fall: Parlez Vous Gossip?!

Parlez vous Gossip? As if being rich and gorgeous in the hottest metropolis on earth wasn't enough- Gossip Girl bff's are hopping the pond this fall to the fashion capitol of the world Paris. From the best coast of Manhattan B and S are popping on over to Paris, for drama and adventure and luxury on location in the city of lights and love. Don't worry- the only one's dying on GOSSIP GIRL are the fans- best of luck to Chuck after his shooting had him hanging in the balance- he's back kids- at least that's how it looked at The CW upfronts last week! The writing team and CW execs both are paying attention- newer and hotter storylines are popping as Generation D's favorite children of privilege are growing up and their scandals getting more, well, SCANDALOUS!

Lily's Sister

What the hell happened to Lily's sister??? It seemed like they were going to touch on it but dropped it COMPLETELY after Valley Girls never went through, which I wish it had. Does anyone know why Valley Girls wasn't offered a series? Does anyone read the books and does it ever mention Lily having a sister?

What Needs To Happen:

What needs to happen: Im getting bored here. Jenny needs to finally get laid, but get pregnant. I really hate her stupid blonde hair and big eyes and makeup lol. She's such a bitch too, everything I hate except she's not a slut, yet. Nate needs to become an a-hole. Sorry, but he's such a boring character. Grow a set, nate. Serena should start partying and drinking and being a bitch and doing drugs again. Make her interesting. Dan and Vanessa? I don't even know, something exciting. These two are such a boring couple lol, getting upset over their stupid screenplay things. Dan, sleep with Serena again, Vanessa, become a drunken whore. Blair and Chuck were interesting last season, but now they suck. Blair, throw some parties and be a bitch. Chuck, be a manwhore again. You guys are split now, right? LILY AND RUFUS: YOU CLEARLY CAN'T BE MARRIED AND YOU CANT LIVE TOGETHER. JUST BE F-BUDDIES, OK? Bring their son back. He can start a relationship with Vanessa instead, stir things up a bit. Serena and the drug boy, whose name I forget need to have an affair. Bring Serena and Eric's father into the show, please. Show Jenny back at school as queen bee again. Whatever happened to Lily's sister, by the way? Is she dead or something??

Does anyone else notice...

Has anyone else noticed that they are repeating the same story line from last season??? Let's begin with how Jenny is once again working for Eleanor and then Agnis comes along and screws up everything...again. And then Nate bails her out and helps her...again. And now there is something between Jenny/Nate, only it's more like Jenny stalking Nate and being really creepy. And as far as Jack/Blair/Chuck goes...been there done that. Had the evil uncle come along and try and ruin Chuck's life. It was a little more interesting how Chuck basically whored out Blair but still...can't they get any new ideas??!?! I feel like I'm watching Season 2 again only it's much much much worse. Does anyone agree with me on this???