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Discuss: If Lily van der Woodsen Met Kirsten Nichol... - Featured

I just read something very very interesting. Josh Schwartz is reportedly toying with the idea of having characters in the Gossip Girl spinoff interact with the 80s incarnations of characters from his previous program, The O.C. . Who might Lily van der Woodsen befriend in 80s LA? Kirsten Nichol (this is pre-Sandy Cohen days) and Jimmy Cooper! It's like 2 spinoff/prequels in 1! The concept of fictional characters from completely different programs colliding is tre intriguing...don't you think? Do you hope Josh Schwartz pursues this idea? Source: EW

Gossip Girl VS The Secret Life

The glamorous and scandalous trappings of the Upper East Side or the sometimes ridiculous, sometimes down-to-earth, 'real life' drama of teenage pregnancy? We'd all agree that GG is full of hot actors, hot clothes, a fast paced script and great hype. Then WHY oh why do i come across this statement " ABC Family can't resist taking regular swipes at Gossip Girl, the CW series about teenagers that proclaims its hipness in elaborate marketing campaigns. For all the publicity, Secret Life regularly harvests more viewers than Gossip Girl despite reaching millions fewer homes. " So why is secret life the underdog? Is it due to its realism? (let's forgive the wooden acting and lack of cute guys.) What do you say? Gossip girl or secret life?

'Gossip Girl' and '90210': What am I missing?

After six weeks of silence, Gossip Girl returned last night, and 90210 returns soon after a month of spring break. Oops, that sentence was supposed to end in an exclamation point, because around these parts, that's a big deal. It seems few things get certain EW staffers more excited than the outlandish antics of rich teens. Me, I don't care. And given that Cavemen got better ratings than GG and 90210 combined, I know I'm not alone. What I need is someone to explain it to me. Yes, I am old (30s!), but I will watch teen shows. I love the British series Skins about a group of profane, raunchy, bright, insipid, inspired kids. But for some reason, American shows about rich adolescents don't do it for me anymore. It's probably The O.C. 's fault -- something about that time Seth Cohen sailed away to Portland still doesn't sit right. And it's true, I haven't given GG or 90210 much of a chance. So I'm asking for help. Please tell me: What makes these shows so compulsively, compellingly watchable? Is it the writing? Camp factor? The clothes? (Seriously, are they awesome?) What about the irritation quotient? Seeing young, beautiful, rich kids whine for an hour is liable to make me take my shoe off and beat folks with it. And are there those of you who watch one but not the other? Why? Source here

Season 2

The second season is so boring.!

Will Lily and Rufus ever find out their son isn't really dead?

ok so we all know the story...but the questions is, will they ever find out the truth?!

gossip girl.

is episode 18 the last episode for season 2? and is there gonna be a season 3? anyone know? :)

The Coolest Character Ever!

Vote! Who for you is the coolest character ever? Who is the person that makes you think 'wow he's/she's cooool'. The characters that simply look/do things the cool way. Which one is it? Someone I didn't mention? Write who! "Nominees:" Hank from Californication Chuck from Gossip Girl Cappie from Greek Sylar from Heroes House from House Mickey from Hustle Elliot from Leverage Patrick from The Mentalist Sawyer from Lost Jack from Lost Sam & Dean from Supernatural Michael & Lincoln from Prison Break ````Bill Compton from True Blood Dr. Cox from Scrubs Jack from 24 Dexter from Dexter Barney from How I Met Your Mother Sydney from Alias There is probably loads more I didn't mention, vote on!

How to Fix Gossip Girl

It's not Gossip Girl here, but we are writing to you from the Upper West Side of Manhattan. Nevertheless, we have to talk: This meeting has been convened because it's time to fix our beloved Gossip Girl. The ratings have dropped to a season low of just 2.2 million, and while many of us are still streaming it with relish, it must be said that creatively, the show is starting to stink like so much day-old smoked salmon. As others warn of the impending death of Gossip Girl, let's see if we can do something to help. Pull up a Chesterfield sofa and partake in the holiday-weekend brunch buffet we've prepared Mochaccinos for everybody! remove your platinum cufflinks, roll up your sleeves and let's get to work. While the show is on a brief hiatus, we've come up with a few fixes, but we need your suggestions as well. XOXO. PROBLEM Serena and Dan's constant breakups and reconciliations have lost any sort of narrative weight. SOLUTION Serena and Dan need to stay together, or break up for good . While there might be a certain degree of high-school realism to the way that S. and Lonely Boy have ridden the On Again/Off Again Express, it's annoying to watch. Plus, there's virtually no difference between the two scenarios. They always stay friends anyway, and the brief times they do part ways, it's always for some stupid reason, like Serena wanting her mother to find true love with Rufus, not because they actually don't like each other anymore. We'd actually vote for keeping them together. It's cool to have one committed couple in the mix, even one as boring as these two are. PROBLEM Miss Blair's beloved Dorota is underused. SOLUTION Shady Dorota! The producers have been smart to sketch Blair's Polish nursemaid as vaguely as they have. As far as we know, Blair actually owns Dorota. But look more closely, and you'll see something more knowing behind those obedient eyes. Announcing our new crazy theory: Though others have different ideas, we think that Dorota is actually ... Gossip Girl herself! Even if she isn't, wouldn't it be fun if the writers were to drop some misleading hints? It'll get the fans OMFG'ing all over the place. PROBLEM Chuck acts like a 38-year-old lothario celebrating his latest divorce. SOLUTION He might be Chuck Bass, but he's still a 17-year-old high school student. His latest storylines corporate sabotage? his bender in Thailand? that Eyes Wide Shut sex-party scenario? have stretched the boundaries of plausibility for too long. Even rich kids have to conjugate verbs in French class and spike the punch at the dance every once in a while. If nothing else, seeing Chuck's exasperation at, say, having to play badminton in gym would offer the show's costume designers the opportunity to conceive an athletic ascot - the "ath-scot," if you will - for him to wear. Stay in school, Chuck! PROBLEM Serena is too nice. SOLUTION The show is constantly reminding us of Serena's bad-girl past. Unfortunately, as played by the wholesome, adorable Blake Lively, Serena is about as threatening as a baby koala. That said, we know she has it in her. Serena certainly isn't above using her feminine wiles to get what she wants; the writers need to amp this up and find her inner party bitch. While it could be argued that Blair already has this territory covered, we'd counter that it might go a long way toward explaining why these two are BFFs in the first place. Read More Here .

How Realistic is Gossip Girl? SURVEY!!!!!

Dear Gossip GIrl Fans, PLEASE TAKE MY GOSSIP GIRL SURVEY!!!!!!!! Its super quick and easy, and it will really help me with my research for my class at UCLA. Thanks a million!!! xoxo

Who is the best and the worse actor/actress?

Ok. Out all of Gossip Girl s main characters. Who do u think is the best and the worse in acting?? I personally think the one who is the worse in acting is Chace Crawford. I think he is just in the show to be the pretty boy Nate. The best to act I think is Leighton Meester amd Ed Westwick . What do u think?? Say your opinion here!! -Nickz