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s 1 episode 10

ey does some one know who are the two girls who sing at the Debutante Ball or the name of the song or the group?? well thanks!!

Season 1 Episode 9

can someone PLEASE tell me what song it is at the end of the episode?! i've been looking every where for it !! :D pleasseeeee!!! :)

Nate and Serena or Dan and Serena?

I totally hate Serena and Dan as a couple. I know I'm probably getting the nasty eye or someone is shooting daggers in my back right now...Please don't wish me dead. The reason why I hate Serena and Dan as a couple is because on the programme you can see Serena is really hurt and she really genuinely loves Dan than any other guy Serena has dated in the programme (so far....) Dan loves her too but I think he's just afraid and scared that Serena many continue to tell lies in their relationship, and he has sort of lost his trust in her so that will make the relationship harder. I think he's doing it for both their sake, although I feel bad for Serena. I personally think that they should get back together but maybe Dan's doing the right thing? Honestly, he's supposed to be a smart studious guy who has had a crush on her for the majority of his post-pubecent life. She's beautiful and stylish...represents everything he wants and doesn't have...and then she opens her mouth and this shrill, fast talking, airhead who's always rushing away from him to help her friends or be in the middle of the drama - my point here is Serena never wants to hang out with Dan. And Dan is so nice that he will just take her crap, follow her around like a puppy so she can just walk all over him. I can't stand Serena and I certainly don't think she is good for Dan...I am...Just kidding!

Nate and Serena or Dan and Serena...

Which Gossip Girl couple do YOU prefer? I prefer Dan and Serena much more than Nate and Serena. I think that Dan and Serena is such a cute couple on screen of Gossip Girl . But if it would have been a twist that they made Nate and Serena a couple I would not mind ... It would be intresting to see!! Season 2, September 1st

Should Dan Get Back With Serina?

i know that Serina did a bad thing and didn't tell him, but i do think they are a good together i the prgramm, who agrees...what are your views?

Who is Your Favorite Gossip Girl Character?

I love Seerena,Shes such a mysterious character and you never seem to know what shes going to suprise you with next? the fact that she slept with her bestboyfriend was suprising but then a mysterious sex tape?,Seerena Vanderwoodson known as the upper east sides party girl,I think Seereena is a good role model because shes been through quite alot thing,of wich most girls do around her age she's still trying to fix things and forget her past and move on and try to be a better person wich is an inspiration for alot of people because sometimes they have been through the same things.Not only is seereena caring but shes loving to,Seereena adores her boyfriend Dan Humprhey and always tries to look out for him along with her best friend Blair Waldorf,and lets admit they have both been through some bad times and after everything there more close than ever.Seerena really is a family person at heart and would do anything for her younger brother Eric,The time at the dining table when georgina was there and purposely said about erics boyfriend must of been heartbreaking for Eric knowing that his mother wasnt to happy about the whole situation and the fact her son was gay but sereena soon raced to erics room to solve the situation wich is kind of inspiring because for all you gossip girls who have brothers the things sereena has done for Eric shows some of the things you can do because the love between them to is unreal and they are true brother and sisters.... FINISH READING

chuck cheated !!!!

I can't belive that chuck and blair got together and then chuck's dad spoke to him and he met his step mums designer and he had that naughty look in his eye and blair was totally falling for him !!! I used to like him so much but after that im totally shoked !! he has gone down by loads in my list of people i like but we will just have to wait for the new season FALL come soon i might die!!!!!

season finale..

OH NO! what a let down! D breaking up with S?? how could he?? and C cheating on B before they even got together?? ugghh.. and i understand why the ended the season this way, but they should have given a LITTLE happy ever after...no? but except for that- amazing, just like every other episode...BEUTIFUL wedding, LOVED the best-man's speech.. =] when is the 2nd season coming?? can't wait!

Could the ending be more anti-climatic??

The ending wasn't great nor was it bad. It just felt like a big MEH. In the end everyone ended up with who they were really most socially suited for. Dan with Vanessa, Nate with Serena (you totally know that they're going to hook up or have some kind of romance there), Bart with Lily, Chuck with weird Amelia, Blair with even weirder corporate dude, and lil Jenny sewing up clothes like the good lil poor girl. I don't want to even mention the dad who goes on road since I was completely BORED with the whole Lily and Rufus story. They really lacked chemistry. ANYWAYS, the fact that everyone ended up where they were supposed to from the start of the entire series was like BLAH. After rooting for Chuck and Blair, even eventually Dan and Serena...well I don't feel cheated but just bleh. After all the crazy season finales going on, I was surprised at how UNEXCITING and slightly annoying the finale was.

Episode 17

This was perhaps by far the best episode yet.