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Episode 17

This is what truly happend: Serena was having sex with that guy back in the days when she was crazy and the man ODed on her, she didn't do anything at all and probably thought she killed him. Now for G, she got S to let her film them having sex. For the episode 17 preview: the guy kissing S is from the sex tape and Serena says "yes" to Dan when he asks her because she doesn't want him to know about teh whole thing. Reactions? You know you love me, xoxo


Their relationship is coming to the end. But do u think they will find their ways back together? I hope so because Dan and Serena are one of the cutest couple on the show, what do u think? Think they will work things out? If not in Episode 17 or 18, maybe season 2?

Episode 16-Serena...

If you have not seen this yet don't read on. S KILLS someone! I think it was accidental but how will I know. Give me your thoughts on this.

Jenny on episode 15

Jenny has graduated from social climber to gold digger


I am seriously starting to hate Jenny now after seeing the latest episode. It's not just about how mean she is to Blaire, it's a given that Blaire deserves it in some level. But just the way she has become this evil, conniving, social-climbing witch!