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this epiosode rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

i jus love this 1....hmmm........gossip girl is the s*** i new that snotty teacher wanted dan.........lonly boi seem to be ah ladys man now......poor s.........can wait 4 the next episode.....xoxo

Carrnal Knowledge, early thoughts...

READ MORE Wow! MOnday's episode of Gossip Girl was just great! Episode 17 - Carrnal Knowledge is going to be even better. This is why. In Carnrnal Knowledge Just when I thought it couldn't get better it definitely did. So much drama and conflict made it even better dont you think? Well according to sources it has been said that there will be no new episode this upcoming week. Unfortunetly, and encore O brother, where Bart though will air instead of the new episode.But lets look at the bright side we get to see chuck a lot and how great of actor he was in that episode(im not saying hes not good on the other episodes im just saying that in that episode he really showed grief and should get an Oscar for it dont you agree? READ MORE AND SEE HOT PICS