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Discuss: Is "Valley Girls" Spinoff Worthy? - Featured

Last night's 80s flashback episode, "Valley Girls" was also the set up for a potential Gossip Girl spinoff (sometimes titled the former, sometimes titled "Lily"), focusing on Lily's wild years in the 80s with her sister in the Valley. While initially the buzz for this show was very strong and a pickup was likely, lately things have been cooling down . However...after watching this episode, we thought we'd ask you your opinion! Based on last night's episode, did you see a potential show? Should Valley Girls/Lily/GG Spinoff get greenlit...would you watch? Personally, while I found Brittany Snow well-cast (and I loved seeing Andrew McCarthy on TV yet again following the Lipstick Jungle ax...though he seems forever relegated to the "rich jerk" role)...I'm not sure I saw a whole show there. As many of you have pointed out, Lily is not exactly the most interesting or loved character on Gossip Girl as it is. A whole show about her...where she pretty much just acts like Serena in the 80s...I just don't know. Of course, Josh Schwartz has clearly proven himself to be an incredibly talented guy between The O.C. , Gossip Girl and Chuck , so perhaps if given some time and room to grow, the show could develop into something worth watching. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Discuss: If Lily van der Woodsen Met Kirsten Nichol... - Featured

I just read something very very interesting. Josh Schwartz is reportedly toying with the idea of having characters in the Gossip Girl spinoff interact with the 80s incarnations of characters from his previous program, The O.C. . Who might Lily van der Woodsen befriend in 80s LA? Kirsten Nichol (this is pre-Sandy Cohen days) and Jimmy Cooper! It's like 2 spinoff/prequels in 1! The concept of fictional characters from completely different programs colliding is tre intriguing...don't you think? Do you hope Josh Schwartz pursues this idea? Source: EW