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Arizona Robbins + Teddy Altman: BFFS

I can see it now! Military talk, Scrub cab adornment parties, and scenes from childhood. BFFS!

Who else has been fired in the show?

Izzie Olivia Any of the Mercy West peps? Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment

Does this show 'LOOK' darker than normal? 'VISUALLY?'

Every show I watch has a great degree of brightness...but lately when GA is on I have to turn my brightness from 50 all the way to 100 to see clearly...And only for this show....anyone else experiencing this?

who else loves arizona????

she is such a relatable person!If i become i doctor i hope i would be like her, she is just so good, kind, and smart... i love her addition to the show and hope she gets lots of air time!

I'm a fan of Katherine Heigl but...

I seriously never thought I would say this, but I didn't miss Izzie at all! Even with this episode, I think the rest of the cast made more of an impression on me than her return. I was really into her in the first 3-4 seasons, but now I find her over used and washed up (not Katherine, but her character). I just don't see what else they could do with that character to keep it interesting. Also the cheap soap crap of "misunderstanding" is going to play a key role in the rest of the season for Izzie's character. I said it last week and this week it was confirmed. Alex was going to get mad at Izzie for not having gone to him and talked things out. He's right, she's his wife and she should of had more trust in him. Of course this was the only way the writers could get Katherine time off, but in doing so it just created more of a dislike for her character. I can see why a lot of people find her character so annoying now. But I still love her. Read More

Sloan's lack of facial hair

I apologize if there's already been a thread about this, but IMO Sloan needs to grow his McFacial hair back. Normally I go for the clean-shaven look, but it's not working for him. All the steam has left McSteamy.d

What happened to the theme song?

I didn't watch this show from the beginning. I always heard from ppl. it was good, but I just never got around to watching it. For the past couple of months Lifetime has played it from the first episode all the way to the final episode of last season and I got hooked! Anyway, seeing all the older episodes I noticed this catchy little theme song in the beginning when the credits come on (Nobody knows where you might end up.. Nobody knows..), and then all the sudden it just disappeared...I kinda liked it, but then again I can see how a show with so much drama the catchy theme song might not fit. I used to think that Frey song How to save a life was the theme song because they would announce it on the radio as the song from Grey's Anatomy, but I must have missed that episode when it was played because I've never even heard it on the show. So just wondered if anyone knew what happened to the theme song, and why they decided to do away with it.

What happened to Owen and Christina?

When Owen first appeared they had some completely amazing scenes together!The scene in the ventilator, the shower scene, the one where he picks her up after that ice thing wounded her. Their scenes were so intense and well written and they actually had chemistry. This season their relationship is so blah,even annoying... I mean the chemistry is so toned down. What happened?Is it ther writer's lack of inspiration or something else? He definately has amazing chemistry with Teddy though. "Every great love story begins with a punch in the face" Dean/Jo shipper

scrubs (not the show)

Why are they wearing scrubs all the time on the show? It kinda makes the show look cheap I think, because it's like they don't have enough money for other costumes. On ER the surgeons often wore shirts and ties under lab coats (especially the boss-Romano and Benton). I thought the whole idea of wearing scrubs is to have sterile clothes in the OR and that you would change before surgery. But on Grey's even the big shot doctors like Derek and Sloan wear scrubs all the time. The only person who sometimes has a shirt is the Chief.

Does anyone find Adelle annoying?

I mean, she's always rolling her eyes and shrieking as loud as possible. She's so dramatic, and often over the top. lol