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It's easy to tell what side of the health care debate the writers of Greys' Anatomy are on...

I love it...Butt Kissing Administration, trying to finesse 25 million out of a couple that just lost there son, a hospital employee receiving a bill for the $200,000 in medical services that his medical coverage through the hospital he works for didn't cover, not being able to have surgery that would save you life because you can't afford it, having to ask doctor's to perform services pro-bono, parents of a sick child practically bribing doctors to perform surgeries that they were reluctant to perform. Just to name a few in the past few episodes...Love it.

"So you don't get to toss me aside. I won't let you."

I just think owen's word for this episode was amazing. I was totally moved by this. And I think Cristina is all pretty moved by this. Hope they would be a great couple. But I'm not sure how Teddy is going to be in the show? She is going to stay in grey's right? I was also wondering some moving moments you guys had like Cristina and Owen. :) I wanna hear lotsss~

I like Reed. Izzie? Not so much.

I like Reed. She's just like a female version of Alex, except a little nicer. I like her way better than Izzie. She's out to blame Alex for getting her fired? She got herself fired for making a bad call that cost a patient her kidney. Being married means talking to your spouse, not running away and leaving no explanation. Not looking forward to her return, but I'm hoping Alex puts her in her place.

awesome MADtv parody

I know this is 3 years old, but I only found out about it now and it's really hilarious. They make fun of the speeches, of how everyone is totally unprofessional, all those things many people around here complain about.

'Take off your shirt..'

"What? No. Take off your shirt!" HAHA. Bailey and Alex. That was great. Never trust a heart that is so bent it can’t break.

Sooo good

Thursday's episode made my week. I think part of what made it so amazing was that there were scenes outside of the hospital. I've been waiting for a scene like that for quite some time. The characters seemed so close (like actual friends) at Callie's apartment. Callie and Arizona seemed like they had so much chemistry in this episode, but I really wanted Callie to hug her when she was upset. And of course, the ending was the best. I was going to have a heart attack when Callie said "You do?". I wanted her to say "I love you" back. When she did, omg, it was just so good. I really hope that Callie and Arizona have more screne time together. And I hope that the new cast get's less screne time/leaves. They are so annoying. I can't bring myself to like any of them.

Wait Izzie's pregnant?

One of my friends had a stage one cancer and they had to put her into menopause for a while but she still isnt totally up to speed on womanly things. How in the world when they gave Izzie super chemo, is she able to be pregnant so soon? And especially since she is supposed to still going thru chemo (even though she missed her appointment)?

Does anyone like Reed and Alex?

I actually like the idea of Reed and Alex together.. I hate Izzie's character, and I hate her with Alex. She seriously cannot blame Alex for her problems..all he was trying to do was take care of her and make sure she was alright. She was fired for her own mistake and she just disappeared... I wish Alex would just dump her. Alex is way too good for her. I must admit, I didn't really like Reed at the beginning of the season. She's since shown she does have a soft side though, and now that it's been made clear that she likes Alex, I can't help but think it would be nice for her to take Izzie's place

How do you all feel about the Chief?

I have a love/hate relationship with him. His pride frequently pisses me off. But he's a well-intentioned man, and he's a great, flawed charcater. Still though. When he gets on my nerves, he really pisses me off.

Didn't know her girlfriend's B-day?

I was thinking about that as I was meditating in the Callie/Arizona awesomeness of this episode. But one thing(well a few, but this one specifically) bugged me...how would Callie not know Arizona's birthday? Or did i just miss hear something..?