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Are you kidding me Christina?

Or more accurately is Shonda kidding me?Christina and Jackson Avery kissing?Oh COME ON!!Like Christina and Owen haven't been through enough. I really cannot believe that this is gonna happen. The vibe between Christina and Owen has been really off these past few episodes but i was expecting some sort of passionate scene between those two in the near future. But no,Shonda has to make Christina make out with someone else of all people. I would have preferred to see Alex pushing the short haired doctor against the wall than this. And Jesus,now Mark and Lexie will be rocky too because of Derek's sister coming over?Damn!! The next step will be making Meredith dark and twisty all over again. I do realise that if everything is peachy between everyone then it is boring.But there is enough drama going on without all the couples going off!

What's an 'appy'?

I keep hearing them say this (some medical term?) but for the life of me, can't figure it out. It's not something simple like appendectomy is it? They say it a lot! Some scenes, it seems like the persons life is at risk when they use the term so I hope it's not just an appendectomy. It just wouldn't make sense to me.


I think Alex likes crocs... twice this season I've visibly seen him wear crocs - like it's a subtle product placement or something.

Can someone please tell me...

What was missing in this episode? I don't know what it is, but something seemed different. Maybe it was the writing, or the new people getting more screen time than the regulars. Why were Bailey and Meredith given 2-3 lines this episode. Why are Arizona-Callie and Mark-Lexie hanging out together? Who wants to see that. Their characters aren't even favorites. More Bailey, More Cristina, Bring Burke back, And get rid of the chick that likes Karev.

Hear Kevin McKidd's(owen) accent slip...

This is the first time I've heard Kevin's accent slip of all the time's he's been on the show..or maybe I noticed it because I watched this episode like two or three times. Mainly, I heard it when he was arguing with Cristina at her house, right before he stormed out.

I want more McSteamy!

Seriously, I'd say that they've given Eric Dane about 15 minutes total screen time this season -- what is up with that??


If Richard fired Derek... then why do we see Derek answering a hospital pager in the opening shot of "Invest in Love"?

Why did she need a crike when she already had a chest tube in?

That's the only part of this episode I don't understand. Any help?

Mark, Addison, Lexie, and 'the new girl.'

Ask Ausiello has a new post: crossover w/ private practice. Apparently Mark calls Addison to Seattle to operate on "she who might be his illegitimate daughter" and then flies the girl to LA when it seems she needs more surgery. There will be more info on the story in tomorrow's issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Oh How the Dynamic Has Changed...

6 regular cast members were sitting around an apartment having breakfast...and only 1 was an original member (Yang). -Meredith is "recovering" but she doesn't have anything to do with that group anyway. -George bit the dust. -Izzi is...being the worst person on the face of the earth. -And Alex is drowning in self pity while setting up a possible flirtation with short red head bitchy doctor. Do people like the new "friends" as much?