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He looks different... what is it? No mustache? Put on a little weight? I can't really tell... he just looks different.

I didn't even hear the ending, what happened?

The entire convo between Hunt and the new cardio attending I didn't catch. I was watching and listening, but it was quiet and I don't get it. What exactly happened?


I think it would have been a smarter move to give maybe 5 million and bank the other 3, for investing, fallback, nest egg, etc... taking care of herself would be something that Denny would have wanted. Bearing that in mind, the Chief should give Izzy whatever the fook she wants and waive all of her past medical expenses.

Izzie's Hospital Bill

Doesn't the clinic that she basically gave the hospital merit anything? Or, does it belong to her?

Yang running off attendings

Why does everyone think Yang runs off all the cardio attendings? I mean, I guess you could say she ran off Burke, in that she didn't really want to marry him so he left (which I would hardly call her fault), but she did not run off the other two. Then again, I didn't even know Dixon left, so maybe Christina did something to run her off that we just didn't get to see. At least Callie was nice enough to take credit for Hahn leaving. Still, it seems like they're being a little hard on her.

the chief

Am I alone here or does anyone else hope that the Chief gets either demoted or fired, I can't stand him and haven't been able to stand him for quite some time now.

Who was the new daughter?

She looks familiar but I just can't pinpoint it. Thx "C'mon...you're better than that!"


The name means "red-haired" Seriously! How unoriginal can the writers get?

I'm only just finished season 3 Izzie hospital question

I know her character is sacked, but since she donated all the money to the free clinic shouldn't see still be allowed to work in it? Or hang out if she wanted to? Thanks a heap coyote ugly. This cactus-gram stings even worse than your abandonment

The fall of the chief

Okay, this episode wasn't as good as some of the others this season but I have to say that I liked the way they showed the chief's fall in the end. The flashbacks, the glass, even though his character annoys me most of the time, this was really sad and very well made. 'you took something perfect and painted it red'