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Katherine Heigl to take another leave of absence for personal reasons!

Question: Is Izzie really pregnant on Grey’s Anatomy? —Elle This is getting ridiculous now! In season four she asked them to reduce her story lines, because she wanted to go and shoot a movie. Then she had the nerve to complain about her story lines that season. They recently let her leave for five episodes to go and shoot another movie. Now she's leaving again for maternity leave (Ellen Pompeo just had a baby and she won't be absent for any episodes!)? Izzie's character will be gone for 5+ episodes this season. They need to stop making so many special accommodations for her. The writers either need to kill her off permanently or write her off the show. She obviously doesn't want to be on the show anymore especially now that her best friend T.R. Knight is gone. Izzie now seems to be one of the most disliked character on the show swapping places with Meredith. They need to just write Heigl off.

Season 4 question

hey! I've been watching grey's for the first time by watching the episodes online. I'm now on like episode 7 or 8 of season 4 and I haven't missed any. HOWEVER where the heck did addison go? I mean, she hasn't been in like the past 10 episodes I've watched. did I miss the explanation of where she went? I saw the two-parter episodes that she went to LA but then she came back and was back. I never noticed a mention of her leaving again. So did I miss an episode I don't think I missed?

emmy worthy?

With the Emmys just around the corner, albeit not sure what corner myself seeing as i tend to avoid them like the plague and just skim through the results the next day, I was thinking about Grey's Anatomy and the supposed "snubbing" that went on this year and i have to ask: is it really a snub? I mean, yes, the show is fun to watch while gorging in a pint of your favorite ice cream and it is fun and naughty enough to keep your attention [despite last year's, in my opinion, catastrophically dull and serious season] but what makes it Emmy worthy? can you really call this show the best on TV?... with series such as dirty sexy money, pushing daisies, Dexter, house, bones [and that's just naming MY personal favorites, there are so many other brilliant programs] what makes Grey's stand out among the others? it's fun, but I just don't get what's GREAT about it. so, in a round about way, that brings me back to my question my question: do you think it deserves all the Emmy nods it gets, and if so why, because I'm absolutely perplexed by it.

Ellen pompeo...

Does anyone else think that Ellen Pompeo is absolutely stunning. She's different to your average hollywood beauty but, there is something about her that just draws you in. I think she's one gorgeous person! Anyone else think this?


Is Lexie pregnant? That little tear when George suggested a drink made me think....

Greys Anatomy The season finale I cried so hard

This Finale was so great it was one of the best episodes ever. the first time that i cried the whole episode and wow the end perfect. it was a dream. this finale was a dream. amazing work. i love it.. lol and still crying..

Surgeons belong in surguries.... don't they?

It may be because I'm such a medical nerd, but does anyone else find it odd how little time everyone (the 1st year residents, besides Meredith) spend such little time in the OR? I mean, in the first season as interns they got more time doing surgeries. Heck, George got dubbed "007" cause he killed someone during a appendectomy. And I feel like they spend too much time just dallying around. They talk about surgeries, but I would think as they are in their 2nd year of the program, they would do more things on their own. I almost feel like career-wise they've all taken a step back. Which may be why everyone feels the show has gone downhill. I mean, how are they to progress as doctors and as people, if all they do is bitch and moan, and never actually do. The ups and downs of the characters should be more about the patients, and the group trying to become better doctors, as well as better people. Instead everyone is so focused on their own drama. And only Christina has a specialty decided. Everyone is kind of going with the flow. Where's the drive and determination we all fell in love with?

Burke IN and George OUT !!!!

I hope and wish that Burke is commin bakc next season...he has to! since he s gone the show went down...specially with George still in it!!!!!!!!i was asking myself why he had to get the big part this season anyway....nobody really cares about his character so much.....and honestly Izzy and George??? aaaaawww please that was most stupid idea to do he should ve stayed with kelly!!!!!!!!and now we have seen the 4th season and merideth still isnt getting along with mcdreamy....the first three seasons have been really great but the 4th is bullshit,i think the reason why i still watch it is just cause i hope everything turnes out the right way....but i all i do now is get upset....lol..lol..lol ;o) maybe someone is thinkin the same way

What do you think?

Does anyone think that if Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo had met before they both were with their partners n stuff... that they would have hit it off and had a wonderful relationship... They seem to have such great chemistry off screen as well... Just a thought. watch video... Such a fan of these wonderful actors.

Meredith and Derek?<part 2>

okay.. a few days ago i asked ppl if they think and want meredith and derek to be together again and most ppl did so... now i want to ask people if meredith and derek r gonna b together, what do u guys think da story lines gonna be about?? cuz most stuff happened in season 3 u know... mayb its rly out of idea.. so if any ideas!! I Want many ideas as possible!! BECAUSE i want them back together!!