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Izzy and Alex!

What's going on with Izzy and Alex?? Alex goes off sleeping with Lexie (even if it's without "feelings") but he should have worked it out by now with Izzy!! They ARE married!!! I know Katherine Heigl is busy with her personal life but seriously can they at least tell us where Izzy is or when she's coming back!? I really want them together, think they are an amazing couple...a bit immature :p ....but great couple!!!! I really hope they end up together! Does anybody know details??

What about Izzie?

So, I am a little confused. Izzy came back, Alex told her to go, Mer told her to stay... and she disappeared. Is Izzy gone for good?

"So you don't get to toss me aside. I won't let you."

I just think owen's word for this episode was amazing. I was totally moved by this. And I think Cristina is all pretty moved by this. Hope they would be a great couple. But I'm not sure how Teddy is going to be in the show? She is going to stay in grey's right? I was also wondering some moving moments you guys had like Cristina and Owen. :) I wanna hear lotsss~


If Richard fired Derek... then why do we see Derek answering a hospital pager in the opening shot of "Invest in Love"?

Why did she need a crike when she already had a chest tube in?

That's the only part of this episode I don't understand. Any help?


anyone get sad at episode were they pull two off a pipe.

Invest in Love

I loved this episode. It was one of the best episodes of Greys in a while. Loved everything with Callie and Arizona. Also have to say great work by Chandra Wilson in her directorial debut in Give Peace a Chance. Also a great episode. Callie and Arizona for life.

what did she say?

What were Izzy and Cristina saying right before Alex saw Izzy? I heard something with "complete idiot"...

6.06 wasn't it obvious?

that was too obvious!!1 about the soot in her throat!! I wanted it to be like a load of little steps!!! oh well... Anyone agree? Don't get me wrong the episode was well-constructed but the answer was obvious


does anybody know what song was playing, whole alex & izzie were fighting in the gallary? people are people and sometimes we change our minds, i cant breathe without you, but i have to.