What's Hot Today

So I guess this is the last episode of the year?

How long of a break are they taking?

Sara singing

OMG i did not know that was her singing silent night........ her voice is so beautiful i wish she would come out with an albom.... i'd buy the very first copy , who could imagine she was such a great singer, don't you think??

Thanks to Thanksgiving

There isn't an episode next week. This is a boring episode. Kind of like were missing 2 weeks of Greys Anatomy. Don't you feel the same way?

Song in Holidaze epi...

I post song of the day for Christmas on my Twitter (yes already!) I LOVED the song that was playing when the "girl with no heart" was standing in the snow....can anyone help me out??? I want a "Knight in shining FBI issue body armour"

Looking for a song from Holidaze episode

Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing when the "no heart" girl was standing out in the snow? The lyrics were something like, "Snowfall...falling in the moonlight....children merrily play....All I want for Christmas is to give my love away." I listened to the songs listed on the ABC Music lounge and it is not Ingrid Michaelson's Snowfall song. TIA for any and all help.

Woman from his Past

How many times can they do this? Will there ever be a MAN from HER past?

Bailey's Dad

Anyone else think we was so annoying?? It seemed like he just blamed her for the failure of the family. It takes two to make a marriage. He's suppose to be her dad.