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Martha Plimpton (goonies)

Wow! what a blast from the past! lol... When she first appeared on this episode (as the boy's mother) I thought, "Why does that face look so familiar!??" She was the punkish smart mouth girl on the Goonies. I know her career has never really stopped, but I haven't seen her since the Goonies... Quite refreshing, actually. I'd love to see more of her work in the future. She should do a show with Sarah Gilbert. For some reason they seem like they could make comic genius.

So far

okay im a near fan to this show and i don't want to start from the beggining..can any one recap for me.or tell me what episodes are amazing that i should watch..i have watched the first three episodes.

Thought I'd finally make it

I thought for sure I was finally NOT going to cry during GA, the first time in about a year. Then that last 10 minutes came.... It's hard to see strong characters break down like that.

Merger ??

Ok What he probably means is that the two hospitals are basically becoming one. So probably SG will end up closing, and some of the people on the show will lose the jobs. meaning that a spin off will happen, and Grey's anatomy will end with in the next two seasons. The chief did this so that he could keep his job. You could tell by how he looked at Derick at the end. He didnt want to give up being chief to another person. He did this to buy himself more time to save his job. I I do not think that most of the main characters will leave, i think that Bailey might, but not right now. I think that when the chief saw torres at MW that he got an Idea while talking to the intern. Its all about the context clues.