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If Richard fired Derek... then why do we see Derek answering a hospital pager in the opening shot of "Invest in Love"?

Why did she need a crike when she already had a chest tube in?

That's the only part of this episode I don't understand. Any help?


I certainly hope that wasn't champagne that Derek brought home to his wife that just donated part of her liver.... And, while Yang/Hunt are by far my favorite characters, Seattle Grace won't be the same if they lose McDreamy!

Loved It

I really like the new episode that was on tonight. We finally get to see more of Arizona's character. I really think that she is an amazing doctor and that her and Callie are amazing together. I also really like Alex's character in this one. We get to see one of his rare soft moments. I like to see him with his guard down. It shows that he has feelings and gets hurt and he needs to be loved. I absolutely loved this episode, especially the ending.

What war did POTW survive?

Right before the second commercial break he was talking about surviving a war and losing his family. I haven't been able to figure out what war/conflict he is referring to and it is annoying me. Does anyone know?

When's Meredith due?

Does anyone know when Ellen Pompeo is due to give birth? Or did she already?