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The Killer..no spoilers, just speculation...

In the latest episode, at the very end, JD tells Abby that its all about her. While i do think there is a connection between wakefield and Abby (more on that later), i dont think thats what JD was implying. Since the beginning, i thought that the killer had to be someone we'd never expect at all. That means he has to be one of the 'nice guys'. And, there are 2 nice guys on the show...Henry and Jimmy. Cal too...but he's not one of the main characters so he cant be it. Abby came back to the island after years...and in all that time, she had never talked to Jimmy. Now that she's back, they're kinda picking back up where they left off. Also, Henry has been with Abby the whole time she was away. My theory: It could be Henry...who has been in love with Abby the whole time and is losing it now coz he's seeing her with Jimmy. That would also explain the look on Henry's face in the final scene of epsiode 8 and why he has blood on his hands... Now, on to the connection between wakefield and Abby...Abby's mother knew wakefield before she came to the island. And her dad said she had been involved with him etc etc...i think its pretty clear that wakefield is her father. Im not sure how all these things are going to tie in together in the end...but i think that its just gonna get better from here...

1x08...and it's getting better and better

i really like the idea of making a horror movie a series but the first few episodes were a bit slow because nobody knew that there was a killer. now, they finally know and prepare to fight him. that's what i was waiting for. there is more tension when the victims know they're hunted and we were finally given some clues about why it all started with the wedding. the last scene with the cryin henry was very well done and i really felt sorry for jd. all i'm hoping is that jimmy isn't somehow involved with the killings...(like the boyfriend in the first 'scream' movie)...because he's one of my favorite characters. thumbs up for cal who is stepping up...his character developed a lot of depth in this episode while sully shows more and more what a coward he is. i can't wait for the next episode and the finale when the killer will be revealed. harper's island is like a good saturday night slasher flick...just longer and therefore more enjoyable.

BANG (spoilers)

Ok, I still managed to cope that nobody misses the Priest in such a small town (which I find weired), but today was the Bridesmaids Party and Trish didn't miss one of her best friends (or is she even her best friend?)? There was a list of every girl for the psychic, there were pink jackets for every girl and not one was left over??? That's too much, there is no way nobody would have recognized the missing of the girl with the dog. Don't you think?

Thursday's Premieres: Save 'Em or Sink 'Em? - Featured

Last night gave us the premieres of not one or two, but 3 new programs! On NBC we saw the premiere of Amy Poehler's new sitcom, Parks & Recreation . Originally thought to be a spinoff of The Office , the show later evolved into its own series (from the producers of The Office) that still resembled The Office in its mocumentary style. So...did it do it for you? Was it too similar to The Office , but not as funny? Premiering in ER 's old time slot was new cop drama Southland about inner city LA. I am not going to lie...I was mainly excited about this one to see Benjamin McKenzie ( The O.C. ) back on TV. So...this was the second new police series to premiere on TV this week ( The Unusuals bowing Wednesday on ABC); did you like it? Finally, island murder mystery series Harper's Island premiered on CBS. If nothing else, this show is an interesting concept in that it's a limited run series consisting of 13 episodes...where someone dies each week. So...which of these new series did you like? Hate? Didn't watch 'em? Discuss!

COMPLETED: Enter SideReel's Harper's Island Prize Pack Giveaway! - Featured

Harper's Island is a 13-episode murder mystery about a group of family and friends who travel to a secluded island for a destination wedding. They've come to laugh... to love... and, though they don't know it... to die. Beginning Thursday, April 9th, and airing each Thursday at 10:00pm ET/PT through July, 2nd, someone will be killed each episode and only one will survive before the killer is revealed in the finale. The series is Executive Produced by Jon Turteltaub and Jeffrey Bell, and stars Elaine Cassidy (The Others) as "Abby Mills," Katie Cassidy ( Supernatural ) as "Trish Wellington" and Christopher Gorham ( Ugly Betty ) as "Henry Dunn." For the big premiere of Harper's Island , we have some great stuff to giveaway, so to enter to win, comment on this post telling us why you're excited for Harper's Island ! If you haven't caught promos yet, check 'em out: Harper's Island: You're Invited... Harper's Island Promo One Grand Prize winner will receive (pictured above): *(1) Men's 100% cotton vintage soft t-shirt w/ Harper's Island logo & premiere date (color: gray) *(1) Women's 100% cotton vintage soft t-shirt w/ Harper's Island logo & premiere date (color: purple) *(1) Harper's Island poster (11" x 17") The winner will be selected and notified via e-mail on Thursday, April 2nd. Sorry, but U.S. entrants only can be selected as the winner. Giveaway and photos courtesy of New Media Strategies