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Elaine Cassidy Bares Her Thoughts on 'Harper's Island'

Most of us suspected Abby to be the killer set loose on Harper's Island , but recent episodes of the series seem to have torn that notion apart. Still, Irish actress Elaine Cassidy who plays the protagonist is hoping that the revelation will blow audiences away. According to the Los Angeles Times, Cassidy admitted that finding out the identity of the killer won't be as uplifting as knowing who won a season of The Bachelor. Perhaps that's a good thing, if you're into gore and tricky whodunits like she is. No stranger to difficult roles, Elaine Cassidy said about the show: "It's such an intense time because you're working really hard with subject matter like this. There were lots of hard days where you got knocks on your shoulders because of a situation that all the characters are in; it's not a romantic comedy, that's for sure." Even though she's had her fair share of playing murderers and mothers, the actress couldn't help but be drawn to the premise of the hit CBS series. Like the audience, she too got hooked in the game. However, she's the one in the midst of things. Another reason why she's stuck on Harper's Island is the challenge of playing an American. "I'm used to playing different accents -- that's part of why I love this job," she admitted. "I love when you get to learn about different places and characters and where they're from. It identifies with who they are." As for identifying with her own role, Elaine Cassidy researched for months. With Abby being the writer she is, it was necessary to look up the profession and the struggles she has with her father. "You find yourself doing things and researching things and learning things that you would never normally think twice about," she explained. Even though she wouldn't dare reveal who the killer is - despite everyone knowing that John Wakefield is actually alive - the actress can sympathize. It was difficult to figure out and she of all people knew why. "We knew our back stories and then it slowly unfolded. We were the audience while we were filming as well, which I thought was really interesting." Source here

Ratings: Jon & Kate's Split Is a Record-Breaking Hit, and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * Jon & Kate plus 8 their big announcement on Monday drew a whopping audience of 10.6 million total viewers - setting a new all-time high for not only the hiatus-bound series but for TLC as a whole. Week-to-week, the series enjoyed a 365 percent gain. * I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! delivered its smallest Monday audience to date, just 4.3 mil. It all ends Wednesday! * The Season 2 launch of The Secret Life of The American Teenager spoke to 4.7 million viewers, making it the ABC Family series' most-watched episode to date. Make It or Break It held onto 2.5 mil of that audience. Next time, use more chalk powder? * On Sunday, HBO 's True Blood bit into 3.4 million viewers, a drop of just 300K from the season premiere. * On Saturday, NBC's Kings courted 1.94 mil (up 22 percent), CBS' Harper's Island gained 600K to hit 3.78 mil, and ABC's Eli Stone returned to an audience of 2.5 mil. Source Here

Preview of 'Harper's Island' 1.11: Splash

Less people survive, but they are not so much in the dark anymore. On the June 20 episode of " Harper's Island ", Wakefield is known to be alive and is the one responsible for the second batch of killings. But one question remains: Is he working alone? After watching her father's death, Abby confronts Wakefield. Meanwhile everyone becomes emotional when somebody's body is found in a bath tub and somebody turns up missing. The next episode airing June 27 is called "Splash" and the preview released for it reveals a mug shot of Jimmy. Jimmy has been one of the lead suspects since the sheriff, Abby's father, made an agreement with Wakefield that Jimmy is kept alive. He also suspiciously survived the blast at the marina and appeared unharmed. Abby reckons that her dad traded his life for Jimmy's safety. Source & Preview

Killing's Such a "Snap"

As usual, another person's going to die on the next episode of Harper's Island and it's not that big of a surprise to know how eager everyone is to find out who. However, the trailer for "Snap" reveals that it's one main character who gets the boot, and by some crazy explosion too. On the new installment of the hit CBS mystery, the marina goes up in flames and everyone continues to panic. The wedding guests thought they could leave the island at last with Madison (Cassandra Sawtell) already found. But with the destruction of the only means of transportation they have, there's very little hope of departure. With fifteen dead, it's doubtless that the group is trying their best to stay safe and hold on to their lives. The previous episode, "Seep," uncovered plenty of secrets which may just point to the identity of the killer. Madison told Abby (Elaine Cassidy) that the child's captor was actually her father. Still, whether Abby's dad is indeed Sheriff Mills (Jim Beaver) or the alleged John Wakefield remains to be seen. Despite that intense revelation though, it looks like even more surprises are in store. There's the marina blast killing an important character and a discovery that brings the group closer to the end. To read More Click Here .

Dean Chekvala Discusses JD's Death on 'Harper's Island'

Though he was suspected by many to be the killer, JD Dunn was later found dying and dead on Harper's Island . The actor who plays that dark and brooding character, Dean Chekvala, spoke about his experiences filming the show and discussed the mysteries behind it. On a recent interview with Fearnet, Dean Chekvala admitted that even he thought he was the killer. That is, until he was discovered gutted on the pier. "There were moments where I thought I was the killer - actually, from the every first moment," he said. Chekvala then relayed the story about how the producers asked everyone about whether or not they'd like to know if they were actually responsible for the murders. "I eventually realized I was the red herring, but a great character to bounce those suspicions off of, cause there is no other character like that," the actor revealed. As for his death on Harper's Island, Dean Chekvala said that his character was gutted and more - but most of it was left for extra scenes on the DVD. "Yeah, I was gutted," he admitted. "We shot several versions - including one with my guts hanging out - and some cleaner versions. I think they ended up using the cleaner versions because they weren't as graphic. We didn't shoot anything else leading up to that scene, that would explain it, so I am led to believe it was a stabbing, or a machete or something like that." Given his final words on Harper's Island, Dean Chekvala shared his own theory regarding the identity of the killer. I t's one that many of us believe as well, but need more clues to establish the idea. "I actually asked them not to tell me because I wanted to watch the rest of the show and guess along with the audience," Dean said. "But I've always felt it could be Abby. I don't know why, if I made that up based on no evidence, but going through all the characters, she seems to be the most unlikely suspect." Chekvala continued: "Maybe she is schizophrenic or has a split personality or something. But [the cast] would talk about this every week, when we would get the script, so now I have kind of been convinced against that, and thought Jimmy might be a good suspect. He's very unassuming in a sense. I don't think it is the sheriff - I feel like the sheriff already has a lot of secrets." Source Here

Rating for Daisies' Swan Song, NBA Finals Finale, and More

Recapping some recent ratings highlights: On Saturday night, NBC's Kings returned to an audience of 1.59 million total viewers, CBS' Harper's Island (3.17 mil) dropped 12 percent, and the series finale of ABC's Pushing Daisies delivered 2.24 mil. Coming this Saturday: The first of the last Eli Stone episodes! ABC's coverage of Sunday's NBA Finals drew 10.12 million viewers, the biggest audience for a Game 5 since 2004. On average, this year's Magic-Lakers series retained 95 percent of 2008's Celtics-Lakers finals. The CW's timely broadcast of the original The Taking of Pelham One Two Three scored 2.15 mil. Source: TVguide.com

The Mysteries "Seep" Through

Thirteen people have already met their deaths on Harper's Island, and could they have been the lucky ones? On the next episode of the thrilling series, things get even worse for the remaining occupants of the area. Despite their own fears, the guests try their best to stay brave and look for Madison on "Seep." We last saw the Harper's Island wedding crew hoping to leave at last. However, Abby (Elaine Cassidy) gets an untraceable call from the missing flower girl Madison (Cassandra Sawtell), and everyone must stay behind. Previously on "Gurgle," three deaths occurred - Deputy Garrett (Aaron Pearl) at the police station, Cole Harkin (Dean Wray) outside his home, and J.D. (Dean Chekvala) at the pier. He finishes off the episode and brings light to the title's meaning, as his guts spill out - literally and figuratively - with Abby watching. Blood drips from J.D.'s mouth with a gurgling sound, upon revealing the truth that all the deaths have something to do with Abby. Knowing the rising dangers of staying on the island, the survivors are panicking and turning on one another to save themselves. The title "Seep" seems to point towards their recent discovery of maps in the island's underground tunnel system. When the guests find them, they continue their hunt for Madison's abductor. With the sheriff (Jim Beaver) injured and the others ready to go, will any of them get to the bottom of the mystery? Abby finally realized that the murders started once more when they all arrived for the wedding of Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Trish (Katie Cassidy). Even so, what the killer really wants is her. The only problem is, Jimmy (C.J. Thomason) won't give her up that easily. "Seep" is the ninth episode of Harper's Island, which means there are four installments of the series left. Since there are sixteen remaining guests and we're doing the math now, could it be possible that "Seep" would be killing off more people than it should? Everyone's wielding a gun now, and Cal already mentioned before that armed, restless individuals are more likely to shoot their friends than the actual suspect. Could he actually be right? Don't forget to catch the new episode of Harper's Island tonight at 9pm on CBS. Source Here

Actor Chris Gauthier Clues In on 'Harper's Island' Killer

Week after week, unsuspecting wedding guests are killed off on Harper's Island and we've seen them all die gruesome deaths. The latest victim of the inhumanity is Malcolm Ross, a groomsman who got a bit too greedy and ended up incinerated just as he was about to repent. Chris Gauthier, who plays the recently deceased character on the hit thriller recently talked about his experience on the show and who he believes is responsible for the murders. On an interview with Fearnet.com, Chris Gauthier revealed the excitement and difficulties of working on Harper's Island. He said he auditioned for the role of Booth (played by Sean Rogerson) initially, but was called back to play Malcolm. He had a week-to-week contract with the producers and, like the other cast, had no idea how long the stint took. "I don't think they were firm on any of the characters that early on, especially that far down the cast list," Gauthier said. "I think I heard that some people got, like, a five-episode guarantee or a seven-episode guarantee." The actor also admitted that the situation of impermanence on the series actually made him less nervous than he expected. "There's this sense of doom when you are dealing with a set amount of episodes," he explained. "At least this way, if the producers like you, you might get to stick around a little longer. It didn't necessarily work out in my case, but the theory was sound." Gauthier went on to talk about the length of time he worked on the show, with his character making it until the seventh episode. "I was absolutely surprised to make it as far as I did, especially in light of episode four, where I left Booth in the woods and opted to take my buddy, the money, home instead." "You know, thinking the money would be more worthwhile to take home than Booth. It was probably a bad decision, and I didn't know how much longer after that I would last. I think it was great to go that much farther." Despite that, Gauthier knew that things were coming to an end for Malcolm Ross. The hellish murder was terrible enough to watch, but apparently the writers intended something else. The bloodier scene was cut, perhaps to be left as a bonus to the lucky consumers of a Harper's Island DVD. "It was a gory good death," Gauthier exclaimed. "Originally, there were going to be [body parts] thrown in to the incinerator. We filmed it, so I am hoping they will release it on the DVD. I even had a head mold made, which was a really grueling process." "Apparently the network saw both versions, and decided the one with just my hand on the furnace, and the screaming, was enough." Chris Gauthier might be dead on the show, but the killer's identity will always be on his mind. "I guessed at the beginning, and I am going to stick with my guess: Danny Brooks, one of the other groomsmen. I think there is a lot more to be fleshed out with his character." Source Here

Harper's Island Star Talks Killers and Conflict

Starring on CBS' Harper's Island - which now airs Saturdays at 9 pm/ET - is a death sentence waiting to happen. The closed-end, 13-week mystery series takes place on an island where guests of an impending wedding are being killed off one by one. Adam Campbell, who plays Cal Vandeusen, spoke to TVGuide.com about what it's like to work on a show where your fate isn't sealed, what we can expect from upcoming episodes, and why none of the wedding guests have yet to notice their friends are disappearing. To Read More Click Here .

Is CBS Out to Kill Harper's Island? - Featured

Ah...another week, another show being moved to the Saturday night death slot. This week's victim: Harper's Island . From Variety: "According to insiders, Harper's got a reprieve from outright cancellation thanks to its live-plus-seven Nielsen ratings, which exhibited solid DVR interest in the show's premiere. Harper's also earned a healthy online streaming audience." But...not healthy enough for a Thursday night airing slot. The most recent episode averaged 7 million viewers. Therefore, beginning this week, Harper's is exiled to Saturdays at 9PM. Source: Variety