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Where is Episode 11?

Wasn't it supposed to air last night?? Thanks.


this show is a gold mind it definetly got me i just wonder who christina dates next hopefully the detective, cause tom sure aint trying.

Ending badly!

Dude is it just me, or is Cristina acting like to much of a coward? It is making it really hard for me to watch each episode when she is acting like this! Yea ofcourse she does not want to marry the man they were not even dating. But not going to his surgery becauase she was scared just makes me mad. She is a strong woman and you would think that she would be able to at least put a smile on her face and pretend! Arrrg anyways what do you think?

Over and over again....

Hawthorne. What can I say? It's a solid series - but why so long to get the second season on the go? Was Jade too busy telling talk shows how many times her and Will did the deed to get back into the studio and actually do some filming? Seriously, it's been so long since it was on that I'd nearly forgotten who the characters were and what their relationships were. Giving your audience time to forget is the kiss of death to a series. Having said that, Hawthorne is a good - if seriously predictable - medical series. Personally, on this weeks offering, I'd have preferred that they'd saved Mercy and dumped Hawthorne. Jade is a good actress and a very attractive woman, but I get lost somewhat when I see the same actor turning up in too many similar roles in different series - James Morrison, I'm looking at you! - and then I begin to wonder if he had to leave one to do the other, etc. I was disappointed that Hawthorne has chosen to 'start again' as it were. I feel like we're back to square one and I'm not convinced the writers will dare to move away from the cliched plot lines and give the show the energy that it needs. I'll keep watching, but it's going to have to improve. It's so same-old, same old!

Bobby's speach

bobby did a great job with her speach. as a student nurse i know how important it is stay on the task. i m really inspired by the speach.


I would love to join in a discussion. For some reason I am unable to watch hawthorne. I have been watching it in the States, now I am in England, I can't. Any reason why i can't Khanada

A question to you Americans.....

I live in the UK and we pretty much hear nothing but bad stuff about the US health system, the costs, the insurance fees, the bills, the way people who aren't insured can't get treatment etc etc. But all these tv shows, HawthoRNe, Nurse Jackie, ER, Chicago Hope, to name but a few, all seem to show that if you turn up ill at a hospital, you'll get treated. If you're homeless (HawthoRNe), you'll get first rate treatment, kept in hospital until you're well PLUS your potentially handicapped (spina bifida was mentioned, a serious, ongoing condition that is currently incurable and normally means a wheelchair) baby will be kept in hospital for weeks, no questions asked etc. In ER, any number of vagrants and 'poor' people were given all kinds of life-saving and bang up to date treatment; in Nurse Jackie, again, there seems to be no mention of how people can afford the multiple treatments they are given. Now this is either because of one of two things. Either we (the viewing public) are being lied to about how good US healthcare is, and it really is readily available for all-comers at the ER bay doors OR the TV companies are in cahoots with the HC companies to give a sanitized image of the care available. Can any of you guys tell me which it is?

first episode of hawthorne

is any one else having probs watching hawthorne every link i have tried when it starts there is a crackling sound or static and i cant hear what is been said why is every link like this and why are they from either z share or wise vid

Am I the only one who is inceredibly excited for this show???

I think that nurses are far too often portrayed as lazy people who didn't feel like going to medical school. They really are the heroes of a hospital. I am soooo exciteed to the premeire!