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The story centers around Narumi Fujishima, the main protagonist. He is a high school student who is not very involved in his school whatsoever to the point where he does not know most of his classmate's names. However, in a chain of events, he is pulled into participating in his school's "Gardening Committee" whose members consist of himself and Ayaka Shinozaki, Narumi's classmate. He also gets dragged in as a member of NEET, an amateur detective agency filled with unemployed slack-offs who take on and solve cases on their own whims. The NEET agency is led by "Alice", who is a childish, anti-social, extreme shut-in. This is to the point where she never leaves her room filled with computer monitors and stuffed animals. Alice has proven herself a resourceful hacker and an astounding detective, which she normally uses to a decent extent on all their cases. Throughout the course of the story, Narumi, accompanied by the other members of NEET, solve crimes and murders using their limited resources and Alice's genius intellect.

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