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why cancel heroes why what has it done to you its is like the coolest show evar why

National Cheerleading Week: Save the Cheerleader or... Kill the Cheerleader? - Featured

Okay, so killing cheerleaders sounds a little morbid and like that's Sylar's job, but let's face it: TV and movie cheerleaders walk a thin line between cool and sexy and insanely annoying and bitchy. Since it's National Cheerleading Week here in the US of A, we thought we'd have a little fun with our favorite and/or most annoying TV cheerleaders by playing a game, kill-"bonk"-marry style. Inspired by the fact that Heroes ' Claire Bennet, the source of the "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" plotline/catch-phrase, has become one of the very most annoying cheerleader characters ever on TV (in my opinion, anyway) here's the game - and we're talking characters, here, not the lovely actresses - save the cheerleader or kill the cheerleader? While many of these characters have renounced or grown out of their cheerleading days, they were at one point bouncy little cheerleaders. Now we want to know which of these one-time (or forever) cheerleader characters you adore, so you would save if put in a situation like that of Hiro and Peter on the good old days of Heroes, or you would kill (maybe not as brutal as Sylar-style), for being an intolerable cheerleader character. Here's our list of popular characters who are or were cheerleaders, so copy the list (and add your own from shows we've missed), paste it in your comment, then note next to each who you'd save and who you'd kill! Heroes - Claire Bennet Glee - Quinn Fabray, Santana Lopez, Brittany Friday Night Lights - Lyla Garrity One Tree Hill - Peyton, Brooke, Haley Vampire Diaries - Elena, Caroline The Secret Life of The American Teenager - Grace Bowman Smallville - Lana Lang Dawson's Creek - Jen 10 Things I Hate About You (TV) - Bianca, Chasity Enjoy in good fun and happy national cheerleading week!

SideReel: This Week in TV - 2.15.2010 - Featured

Time for an all new This Week in TV where Kendra and Rachel tell you - of course - what's happening on TV this week! Lots of shows are in reruns due to the XXI Olympic Winter Games , but there's still some options available to you, including some new series premieres/returns! And of course - if you're into the Olympics (curling, anyone?) - check out our special Winter Olympics Page to stay on top of all of the scheduling, medal counts, athlete info and more! Additionally, K & R spend some time discussing shows that started really strong, but never could recapture their early season glory (we're looking at you, Heroes ). Check out the video here: This Week in TV - 2.15.2010 You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. As always, we'd love to hear your comments and feedback below in comments! Which shows do you think have not lived up to their early season glory?

Now that was a finale up to standard

Everything was actually good. Well matt kinda annoyed me. But when samual went mad and rushed onto the stage. Now that was dramatic. And the very last scene was cool. It's preety much saying they're going to try to get back to season 1 standards. Anybody else agree or disagree?

Cancellation Buzz: Will Tonight Be a Heroes Season or Series Finale? - Featured

From TV By the Numbers: Tonight is the season finale for Heroes. Will it also be its series finale? The ratings have been so poor this season that even on lowly NBC its numbers would lean towards cancellation. But NBC is in such turmoil it will likely at least consider renewing the show anyway. I know people will talk about DVD sales, international licensing, etc. and while they might aid its status, on a healthier NBC, I don't think those factors would come into play. However, things are in such turmoil at NBC that I can easily imagine a world where NBC would bring it back for another season anyway either as a relaunch of what NBC perceives as a popular and solid brand, or for one final season as a send off. Heroes renewed? Heroes canceled? Source

status on season 5

hey guys, does anyone know anything about a fifth season? i know ratings are terrible but i think the show finally turned it up over these past episodes. i think the show diserves another chance!

Next Season titled "Brave New World"?

What can you tell me about how Heroes will wrap up its season? — Connor ADAM: Jack Coleman tells me that the volume ends with a lot of heroes standing up to Samuel, a la Season 1's Kirby Plaza showdown. He says HRG in particular goes toe to toe with the evil carnie, but it's Claire who does the real damage. "At the very end is Claire sort of blowing the lid off everything and [giving] implications of a 'brave new world.'" Conveniently, that's the title of the show's next volume! Got this from TVGuide. Is it a reliable enough source or is this just a premature prediction? Read more

Wow Samuels counterstroke.

Killed a potential rival leader, killed someone who could tell he planned the shooting by touch and got his small...army?...well anyway and got rid of Noah. Ohhhhhhhh if only they could put planning on peter(Im gonna realease Sylar because of a power thats vague and not literal) or sylar(Um im obsessed with powers for a good few seasons...i want them removed, so i can get the power to inspire fangirls).

I think heroes is back :D

just watched close to you and i must say it was pretty awesome. stuff is actually happening. peter is finally getting some kind of purpose. and the focus is finally off sylar. and the ending was great :D