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A&E's Hoarders is a record-breaker

If your garage looks like this picture, you may have a bit of a problem. The fact that this is somebody's kitchen means they have a BIG problem. This is an image from A&E's hit series Hoarders. I can't even fathom how somebody puts so much stuff into a kitchen to make it look like that, but I assume they're not doing any cooking on that stove or opening that refrigerator. Hoarders has become a sensation on A&E. Monday night's season two premiere of Hoarders was a record breaker. More people watched it than any other A&E season opener ever -- 3.2 million viewers. That was more viewers than Intervention, which has been A&E's big drawer. So what's the appeal, why are people so fascinated with Hoarders? Like Jane wrote not long ago, we all have some hoarding tendencies inside us. We hold onto old photos and things that we think we may need longer than necessary. You buy a pair of shoes and don't chuck the shoebox because maybe you could use it some time down the road. Or you tell yourself that you'll recycle those issues of Entertainment Weekly piling up on the nightstand. That's pretty normal. To Read More Click Here .