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'House of Cards' Season 2 episode 7: Raymond Tusk finally makes a grown-up move

Warning: Do not keep reading if you haven't watched up through "House of Cards" Season 2, episode seven. Tuesday's (Feb. 25) episode: "Chapter 20."Where we are:After six episodes of Frank Underwood and Raymond Tusk dilly-dallying around, fighting over the president like kids squabbling over a toy, something finally happens with some actual stakes and consequences in the world of the show. Hallelujah, praise the lord. What's happens? A Republican super PAC gets $25 million anonymously and uses it to attack the president, Underwood, Jackie Sharp, Terry Womack and Bob Birch. The midterms are coming up and the GOP is gunning to take back control of the House, which Underwood, et al cannot abide. If that were to happen, Sharp, Womack and Birch would all lose their leadership positions and Underwood would see a significant drop in his power in Congress. Who's behind it? Raymond Tusk, of course. There's a Kansas City-based casino where Xander Feng... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/house-of-cards-season-2-episode-7-raymond-tusk-finally-makes-a-grown-up-move.html