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Who is the cleverest television character?

To be honest we have had the most evil character on television debate, but what i have been deliberating about for a while is who is the cleverest? Now there are some strong candidates, to name a few; Sheldon (The Big Bang Theory), Temperance Brennan and Zack Addy (Bones), Dexter Morgan (Dexter), Gregory House (House), Michael Scofield (Prison Break), Marshall Flinkman (Alias) and obviously there are more, but I was just wondering if anyone there could be clarification on the subject? Who do you think?

Opening song

Anyone knows whats the name of the song at the begining of the episode ?..

Cuddy-centric Episode Wins My Heart!

This has to be the best episode of the season! Totally loved it. It made cry a little at the end because it was such a happy 3 minutes at the end of it.

cheque in the end?

what was that cheque cuddy ripped up in the end?

was looking forward to this .... but....

i always look forward to new episodes of House and watching them online thanks to Sidereel.... however this week for some reason all the links seem to link to videos that show the episode from two weeks ago... whats up with that? can someone please take down those incorrect links?

Song in the end?

Does anybody know that is the song at the end of the episode?

House Season 6, Episode 10 Discussion: To Huddy, or Not to Huddy? - Featured

House made its winter return with ' The Down Low ,' and as hoped, it was a strong and entertaining episode! Since this is the first House of 2010 and last week in my 2010 TV Wish List , I included the wish for this to finally be the year for it to be decided whether or not House and Cuddy are getting together, I will take this opportunity to point out how great the show still is, Huddy or no Huddy. So while this season's 2009 episodes have been pretty Huddy focused between House returning from the mental institution with some real human emotions then Cuddy running away because she's with Lucas, even that hasn't closed the Huddy door. While I'd be saddened to have the conclusion for them (especially after 5 1/2 seasons of run-around) to be that they don't get together, I'd really rather them just decide either way since it's been such a drawn-out situation. My argument, then, is that 'The Down Low' was a great episode, including a creative and interesting medical case, hilarious House lines both in his personal and professional interactions, good plot development for the team members, plus a fantastically funny storyline of House and Wilson's hot new neighbor thinking they were a gay couple. The plot is still progressing with House now getting more in touch with his feelings and working on his relationships, and while it may not be with Cuddy, we've all adored the bromance of Wilson and House for just as long as the romance for Cuddy and House, so I really felt just as satisfied to see him make progress as a real, yet still House-like, friend to Wilson. My guess is this is what it could be like if the ultimate decision were to be that Huddy does not happen. And, judging from all the elements of House still going strong in this episode, I'd say it'll be just fine, and it would eliminate the annoying factor of the extended flirtation. But yet, beyond one episode would House lose some of its luster if there weren't the Huddy hanging out in the background? And then, of course the whole reason all the will-they-or-won't-they romances hardly ever get together before the final season of a show is that it's just not that interesting to watch a happy couple. But aren't House and Cuddy different than most TV couples? Wouldn't it be fascinating to see how they actually functioned as a couple? I think it would be great, and it wouldn't have to take over or ruin the show. So then my question is - just as I'm sure all the show writers are asking themselves - would the interest in them as a couple eventually run out and/or would the interest in Wilson-House and other possible romances lose luster as well if Huddy were finished once and for all? What did you think of the episode? Do you think it showed that no Huddy would be just fine or do you think we'd be losing something major if this was the way things continued? I adored the House-Wilson storyline, and I could go for a whole lot more of it. I could also go for more cases being solved by House, but too late, which doesn't happen all that often. Along with that, the situations with the team aren't all that boring either as they move on without Cameron, etc. Did you find all that interesting enough, or are you itching to get back to the Huddy drama?


how do you get it to play??

Baseball Moved Episode

Baseball game airing here and fox is ether not airing the episode or it going to be like here is the show which already start. More reason for me to hate the NY Yankees or should say Overpriced Ballerinas.

House question; spoilers

So Chase didn't kill him afterall? Okay what Chase did not lead to the tyrant's immediate death or did i miss something? Well if he did not kill him then all's well unless of course he did something inappropriate.