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Mondays, 9:00 PM EST on FOX
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8 Seasons, 177 Episodes
60 Minutes
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How important is a doctor's bedside manner? To House M.D., not very. Hugh Laurie stars as Dr. Gregory House, the cantankerous genius whose methods are often controversial but ultimately effective. An antihero who took the Hippocratic oath -- House.


The Right Stuff

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House S4E2
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House is secretly trying to treat a fighter pilot who is a candidate for NASA's astronaut training program. Her diagnosis will be the test to choose which ones of the 40 applicants are going to take the empty spots in his team.

Episode Reviews

by DiogenestheCynic

Jul 23, 2019

For some reason I just can't get enough of these. I even tend to put them on as I'm going to bed, which is normally a spot I reserve for QI. Just picture a show hosted by a comedian known for trashing hecklers, and teams consisting largely of other comedians who like nothing more than roasting the show and its host. Everything gets mocked. Well worth a watch, though the earlier episodes don't really have the rhythm down yet.

by Yzol01

Dec 29, 2017

Hilarious satirical look back at the year