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Will Forte from SNL was on!!

I love the guest stars they are getting. Will Forte as Randy, his rebound bro, was pretty hysterical. Anyone know when Britney is expected back or what she might play?

A ted without a Barney?

The 17th episode wasn't the best, more so because if Barney and Ted cannot be friends anymore, there isn't much "have you met Ted" and without that whats the show?! :D

HIMYM Mother Theory

I have a theory to who the mother is. In the St. Patricks Day episode at the bar imediatley after the commericial about half way thru the show, ted approaches Barney and right before he talks to barney, he bumps into a brunette girl and says sorry. in total its about 2 seconds, but i think the producers made him bump into her for a reason.

episode 15

yo when is episode 15- "simmons report" going to be uploaded???? please upload it soon a possible im dieyin to watch it lol

The Mother

So I'm reckoning, the mother, the 100% made for ted woman from the dating service, the yellow umbrella girl and wait for it..... the slutty pumpkin are all one in the same. Their faces have never been seen.

new episodes

when are the next episodes coming out ?


They Sure do rip on Canadians and Canada ALOT but this show is awesome wouldent change a thing =D