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Check out what's new on TV this week, what holiday specials are on, and which of your favs are off for their holiday breaks. Also, with the big holiday breaks for most shows, it's the perfect time to play TV catch-up! kendra and RachelL share what shows they'll be catching up on and what they recommend you check out and catch up on as well! Watch it now: SideReel's This Week on TV (12/14/09) You can find these videos from week to week on the TV tab. We'd love to hear your comments, questions, and feedback about the week in TV, SideReel's new video podcasts, and whatever else you have to say, so leave it all in the comments below!

Piss poor joke steal and impression.

At the start of this weeks How I met Your Mother Robin made a "What's in the box?" Joke imitating Brad Pitt in Seven. Not only was it the worst impression I have ever seen but the actual reaction and her saying "Brad Pitt? Seven?" was EXACTLY how Dean says it after making the same joke in the first episode of season 3. For some reason it just really pissed me off, I'm not against using the same jokes in different shows, but at least make it a little different. Also isn't it about time he told the kids how he ACTUALLY met their mother? It's taking a while. I love the show though.

SideReel's This Week on TV (12/7/09) with Kendra & Rachel - Featured

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Couple Nicknames

Am I the only one who hates all these ridiculous couple names? Serenate, Chair, BRo, etc. They ALL suck. It's bad enough we have to give celebrity couples these names, but please stop insisting on making them for everyone else. It makes me hate all the couples and the characters in them.

Robin Scherbatzky and Lea Michele !

Lea Michele wore it first , (although you can't see it very clearly, it is the same one) and we see it again on Robin Scherbatsky in this week's episode of HIMYM, The Playbook!

Where are all the episodes?

Hey, Does anyone know why there are no new episodes for Supernatural and Vampire Diaries this week. On Monday there isn't an episode for How I Met Your Mother, on Tuesday the episode for 90210 and Melrose Place is not airing either. And to top it all off Glee doesn't seem to be airing. If someone could explain to me why they aren't airing that would be cool. Thanks

I Heart NY: Guess the Fake Apples! (Updated with Answers) - Featured

In honor of this week's return of not one, but two TV series - 30 Rock and Ugly Betty - that are set in New York City, SideReel is celebrating the Big Apple! Earlier, SideReel's Kendra shared her Top 10 Favorite New York Shows . But now we're going to blow your mind. Just because a series is set in New York does not actually mean that it is filmed there! So...today we're challenging you to identify those Fake Apples! Which of the 10 "New York" series in the image above are not actually filmed in New York? Which shows have had you fooled? We'll give you a hint: 5 of the above series are/were actually filmed in NY and 5 were not. Can you pick out the fake Apples? Without usage of Wikipedia (because that's no fun...), guess which of the 5 NY series are actually filmed elsewhere (meaning Los Angeles). We'll reveal the answers tomorrow afternoon. And now for your answers: In reality, it's more like 5.5 shows that have utilized Fake Apples, since as some of you pointed out, Ugly Betty filmed in LA until last season. The other shows not filmed in New York include How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld, Friends, Mad Men and Heroes (some may have some external or overhead shots taken in NY - like the restaurant in Seinfeld - but the primary filming for all of these shows takes place in LA). Surprised by any of these? Thanks for participating!

Timeslot Showdown: What Shows Win Your Monday Timeslots? - Featured

Fall TV is back, and so is the challenge of how to watch all your beloved shows! Since Monday night is such a huge TV night, we want to know what shows wins for what you're watching on TV during those big timeslots packed with lots of goodies. We've included the popular major network shows below, but feel free to throw in your cable choices as well. Add your comments below telling us what you choose to watch, record, catch later online, or have given up from your Monday timeslots! Monday at 8/7c: House on Fox Heroes on NBC How I Met Your Mother on CBS One Tree Hill on The CW Dancing with the Stars on ABC Monday at 9/8c: Lie to Me on Fox Trauma on NBC Two and a Half Men and/or The Big Bang Theory on CBS Gossip Girl on The CW My timeslot choices: 8PM watch/record: House and Heroes 8PM watch later online: How I Met Your Mother 9PM watch/record: Gossip Girl and Trauma 9PM watch later online: Greek

Who Should Be Cast as 'The Mother' for HIMYM?

Now that they are getting more involved in 'The Mother' plot of the show, they are actually going to need to cast the role. This got me thinking, who do I want to see cast for the pivotal role? After all of the seasons and episodes, going from Robin, to Stella, if the actress they cast to be the mother doesn't deliver it could leave the ending of the show rather flat. So who do you think the producers of HIMYM should cast for the role of the mother? Here are a few choices that I think could potentially do the job, and a couple thrown in there just as outside possibilities. Shiri Appleby - This is actually my vote for who they should cast for the role. She is the girl from Roswell , and the recently not picked up To Love and Die . She seems like a perfect casting choice in my opinion. Rachel Bilson -She is already cast for the 100th episode of the show so she seems like a possible candidate. Plus the fact that she is a brunette fits with the kids. Cobie Smulders - Unlikely, but I know some people still hold out hope that she will eventually be the mother. Sarah Chalke - Another unlikely choice but possible as she already has a character in the show, and the producers have already said how much they love her and want to see her character pop up in the future. Olivia Thirlby - Currently working on the Jason Schwartzman show Bored to Death , and was Juno Mcguff's best friend in the movie Juno , she is another actress that I could see playing the role well. Who do you think would make a good mother character for HIMYM, it doesn't have to only be the ones from this list


An interesting choice for tv producers writers etc must be the name of your tv show because a name can limit creatively where the show can go if not chosen correctly a good example is how i met your mother i personally like the show however the title means the only time we as a audience will ever be able to see or hear ted mosbys wife will be at the end of the series another example of a show which is limited creatively is californication which for all intensive purposes cant allow the lead character to leave california yet another example is burn notice a outstanding show however the serialized parts of the show are limited due entirely to the name of the program the added procedural case of the week however are not limited another interesting shift within the framework of the title will allow the writers to branch out and create depth for the characters while keeping the underlying serial endpoint within sight at the conclusion of the show