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HIMYM may have made a mistake.

Im a little confused about the new ep. Ted says his dream is to contribute to the New York sky scrapers, but didn't he do that in season 2 when he designed the building that was better then his old bosses building witch looks like male genatalia. I tried re-watching the ep but there don't seem 2 b any working links for me so any info on this would be appreciated.

Barney's Blog

I don't know about you guys, but I have gotten into the habit of reading Barney's Blog after I watch every new episode, as I feel it adds more to the episode, however, I have found recently that it has been lacking, okay, the show is in a slight depression at the moment, but I think it's just because of the writers strike last year, and recovering from that, and we are starting to see the show pick up again, but I do think that Barney's blog has been lacking something lately, and after the most recent episode 'not-father's day' I wanted/expected to read more about Barney's cheerleader theory, but instead was faced with notes on not-fathers day, which (I at least felt) was an issue the dealt with fully in the episode. But that's just my musings on the subject, you guys may think differently, interested to see what you think about it.

Aunt Robin??

Does anybody have think that maybe Robin ends with Ted and the kids are the sons of Robin`s sister? Also check that Ted never said son or daughter, always said "kids".

Boob Job???

Did the actress who plays Lily get her boobs done?? They look huge!


yeah, the episode is not called Jeremy's sock its called : Not a Father's Day

Gossip Girl??? WTF???

Does any1 no y theres a pic of Gossip Girl on the How I Met Your Mother page???

No episode tonight?

I was so excited for tonight's episode after what happened at Shelter Island that I dropped all my homework and sat myself down on the couch at 8:30 on the dot. And all I get is the gang and their Canadian gags! Not that that episode wasn't funny but I was just so excited for a a new one :( So who knows why there's no HIMYM on tonight?? It's not like CBS is airing the World Series or anything..

No HIMYM Tonight?

I just checked the episode guide and it says the next episode isn't until November 3rd. Why is there no episode this week???

Something to think about

Who is the Mother? I know who isnt... (i guess i do) Stella cant be the mom, coz her daughter is like 10(?) in the year 2007 or 8. So in 2030 when future ted tells his story, she can be the girl on the couch. Robin cant be either, coz future ted said, " and this is how i met your aunt robin" and shows some proos later. Pictures with "aunt robin" Mabye future ted is telling some random neighboor kids how he met their mother.... They are not even his own.... think about that stuff, and gimme your opinion

Way of eliminating spam

I know the mods are doing everything they can to eliminate the spam from these people posting discussions about links being released; but dynamic ips and such are allow spammers to just create new accounts and keep doing it. Maybe sidereel could impose requirements before certain actions are allowed. If an account had to be in existence for a month and have a minimum of 15 links visited (or something along those lines) before any discussions could be created or links deleted then this will surely make it more difficult for the spammers to progressively dismantle this site. It seems that many of the links which they are posting, stargate atlantis S5E11 for example, have had many of their links deleted, probably in an attempt to draw more people into their spam. This needs to stop.