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Stella!! Wow!! Season 4 Episode 4

So, I just finished watching the most recent episode of How I Met Your Mother and I'm eager to see what others thought. So far this season I have been a little underwhelmed by recent episodes. The newer episodes just didn't have as many clever who-is-the-mother mysteries or plot throw backs. But, this episode reminded me why I love this show!! Especially the last few minutes with the toast in the bar shown a year into the future. Ted is not wearing a wedding ring, Barney and Robin are sitting curiously close, they still have the old apartment..etc. I love how much thought goes into making this show!

a litttle dissapointed

so dont get me wrong how i met your mother is amazing i watched all 3 seasons in about a month i couldnt get enough of it. but then summer came and i waited and waited for stellas answer and i guess i just was expecting something more.. and the 2nd episode was good,but it was as good some others in the past,im hoping it gets even better as this seasons goes but no mater what im going to be watching it. but is there anyone else who feels the same?

Who is TV's Best Bromance

Which male couple do you think is TV's biggest Bromance and why? House & Wilson - House Barney & Ted - How I Met Your Mother Chuck Bass & Nate Archebold - Gossip Girl Michael & Dwight - The Office McDreamy & McSteamy - Grey's Anatomy


I need to find out about this. can someone how had watched season one a 100 times or more tell me what episodes the yellow umbrella first appeard? most appreciated.

Stella is the MOM - NO JOKE

in the episode 10 sessions, when stellas telling ted about how shes been to 1 party in the past year, and she was at a st pattys day party, and it was awful so she left early. BAM! hard clear evidence. reference- its the episode 10 sessions, and its at like 15:48

The mother's name is....

I know they're are loads of discussions already running on who the mother is but I spotted something whilst watching through for the third time. In the Thanksgiving episode from season one (Belly full of Turkey) anyone remember the stripper who comes up to Ted at the end and introduces herself as Amber then says "Actually it's Tracey" then Future Ted says "And that kids is how I met your mother" (or something similar) and the kids freak out! I know he then says he's just joking but surely the kids wouldn't freak out unless the mother's name is Tracey?!

Two possible mothers

There are two possible mothers: Possible mother no. 1: In the first season, episode called Milk, the dating company found Ted's "soulmate" but he never had the chance to see or meet her. Possible mother no. 2: Season 3, episode called No Tomorrow, the brunette girl that Ted bumped into the bar.

The mother is...

Ok...season three episode 12. Ted is in the club with Barney and he bumps into this dark haired woman. It's very quick. It's about 13 minutes into the episode. I will put money on it...she is the mother. Bet.

Ted and Robin back together?!

Sorry if this has already been said but in The Goat, at the end he says the goat is eating Robins washcloth then he says she wasn't living there on his 30th and then he says it was his 31st and he was remembering wrong. So they must get back together right?!

The mothers a COW??????!!!!!!!!!!

I no what your thinking "how rude" but i don't mean it like that, and before you say it i don't mean a literal cow! The producers want to milk this show for as long as possible. In my opinion (and believe me i have been wrong many times before) stella is a wild goose chase to trick the viewers and they distract them while the come with a genius story line. What do you guys think