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Stella is the MOM - NO JOKE

in the episode 10 sessions, when stellas telling ted about how shes been to 1 party in the past year, and she was at a st pattys day party, and it was awful so she left early. BAM! hard clear evidence. reference- its the episode 10 sessions, and its at like 15:48

Stella may not be the mother!!!

I was watching ep 10 of season 2 signals stamina, and if uv seen the ep then u know they talk about how couples always wana be at home together and signals can stay up late, Well in this ep at the end, at Barney bors wedding, Marshall says to Lily something like “I gotta get the wife home� witch means that there married at this point. They then go home and ask ted and Robin if they wana split a cab, and they say they got energy left and start to dance. As we havnt seen anything about Barneys bros wedding in season 3, I can only assume from this that Ted and Stella spilt up and Barney does not get with robin, or does and they split up b4 his bros wedding. Of cores this could have all of meant to be explained during the 3rd season but the writer’s strike interrupted it. Or I could just be looking way 2 far in2 the show. What u all think?


Many people are commenting on the GREAT season finale of How I Met Your Mother. Here are some of my predictions: First of all, I must say I have very mixed feelings on if Stella is "the mother." Yes: 1. Ted described that night as a miracle: why would he do that if he got the biggest rejection of his life. 2. Also the possible clue with the writing being the same in both Stella's house and the place where future Ted is telling the story. No: 1. The umbrella is no where to be found in the story which is a pivotal part of the story. It has to be in there somewhere, and yet it has not even been mentioned since the St. Patrick's Day episode. Plus, no one should fret about what will happen next season. There is Ted finally marrying possibly. We find out that Barney actually loves Robin, and who knows, someone is bound to have a kid next season (I have no reason to suspect, but then again in every friends based sitcom, someone has a kid).

HIMYM: Cliffhanger! Woo!

You might have expected to find the cliffhanger of the evening on the season finale of Gossip Girl over on the CW. No such luck. Instead, we received our killer cliffhanger from the good people over at How I Met Your Mother . Spoilers Included Ted proposed to Stella! (and we are still waiting on a response) So I thought this was a great season finale (with some adorable Ted/Barney feuding resolution and some even more hilarious than usual Marshall antics), but I can't help but thinking to myself, "Sarah Chalke (Stella) has 18 episodes of Scrubs to film. Sarah Chalke has 18 episodes of Scrubs to film..." I also have been loving Sarah Chalke's work on HIMYM thus far, but unless she has one of those Time Turner thingamaboppers (a la Hermione in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban)...you see where I am going with this? I can't help but assuming that Stella's answer is going to be a big, fat N-O! Make your predictions now...what will be Stella's answer to Ted's proposal when the show returns? Do you think Stella could be the Mother?

Season 3 Finale : Miracles

Ted has a brush with death, which makes him evaluate his relationship with Stella.

You Be the Judge: Britney on Mother, The Remix

Tonight was the big night (or the second big night, more accurately)! Britney Spears was back on How I Met Your Mother , reprising her role as the slightly clueless, slightly stupid, completely Ted-obsessed Abby. I want to hear your reactions to her performance. Mine are as follows: I know you shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you. What I mean is...I know that How I Met Your Mother owes a large part of its renewal to this newfound Britney Spears partnership, so I won't rip her apart. That being said, I can't help but feeling like whenever Britney speaks that she sounds very forced. It's like she's trying too hard (at least she's trying though, so I give her credit for that) and it just doesn't quite work. At any rate though, Britney wasn't even a major part of the episode, so I wasn't so offended that I got angry. More concerning though is that judging by the end of tonight's episode as well as additional statements made by the show's creators, it seems as though HIMYM is still leaving open the possibility for additional Britney Spears appearances. My Britney patience is starting to wear thin - any more Britney and I will be offended, because I just don't think she is actually adding anything to the show (beyond ratings). So now it's your turn! What did you think of Britney on HIMYM: The Remix as well as the episode in general?