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Is the mother's name Tracy?

At the end of "Belly Full of Turkey", the stripper Ted is talking to says that her name is "Amber" and then says, "ok my real name is Tracy". After which, Ted says, "and that kids, is the true story of how I met your mother". I assume that he told the kids what the stripper said and that includes her name so.........is the mother's name Tracy or what? Is there anywhere else that you might have heard her name that I missed?

Was it as good for you.... the goat?

It finally happened. What we've all been waiting for, dying to know.... the goat was back! The only question remaining, after such a build up -was it as good for you?

Mess up in "As Fast As She Can"

When Barney gets pulled over by the girl cop for the first time he flirts with her and then he winks with his right eye, but when they show it again, as a flashback, he winks with his left.

mess up?

ok i liked this weeks episode (as fast as she can) but there was one thing that kept bugging me, cause i though that Barney couldn't drive. There is an episode where he confesses that he doesn't know how to drive. So ted tries to teach him how to but he panics, so he never really learned how to drive. and now he's driving and getting speeding tickets when he was afraid to even go 5 mph. I still love the episode just had to point that out.

...That's it?

Season 4, episode 23. The episode right after 22 which was entirely devoted to building up to episode 23. How much of a let down was that?? Nothing happened in this one. Nothing substantial, nothing progressive. It felt like an episode 6 at best. It wasn't particularly funny (the jokes were especially tired and unoriginal). It didn't give us any new information about any of the characters either. We didn't even get a twist at the end! I half expected a new girl to show up out of the blue in the last scene. Oh well, HIMYM is overall a fantastic series so I can forgive this. But the season finale better be fantasticker. It's been four years already, let's see this mother we keep hearing about! If they expect us to wait until the series finale to stick her in I'll just wait for the DVD box set.

The carefully placed bag

Haha i love the whole barely appearing and when she does appear having a carefully placed bag covering her stomach. If you didn't know the actress was pregnant i think from the latest episode you could have worked it out. As with the ted and stella thing. it was obvious she wasn't the mum because there are 2 children and they are aged far apart enough for one of them to be Stella's kid.

When did Ted move in with Robin?

I don't remember this happening, one day in the murtaugh list he's at his place, next week, in mosbius designs he lives with Robin. What's going on?

Lily not appearing?

what happened to her? from the epi, it sounds like she had a fight with the gang. did i miss something?

Sorry bro episode

i was really dissapointed with this episode, we didnt have much of Robin, Barney Lilly or even Marshal for most of it and it just wasnt as good as i would have liked it to have been. Just hope next weeks storylines better and we can have a little bit more of Barney.

Three days of snow: season finale?

Was this the season finale?