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Jane Adams

To be honest, she really redeems the show for me. Her character is the only one that makes me laugh out loud. Emmy worthy, in my opinion.

Hung Summers new hit?????

Any Opinion on Hung The new show

Hung 'Pilot': Did Ray Drecker Leave You Satisfied? - Featured

Ron Burgundy's straight-forward hung-humor may tell us, "Don't act like you're not impressed," but when it came to the Hung Pilot , I didn't have to do any acting to not be impressed. Sadly, I was not left longing for more of Ray Drecker's sad life compensated only by his "one winning tool." While I like the concept of Hung, which is basically Weeds with a penis instead of pot, the first episode's meant-to-be clever lines, storylines, and main character were not as appealing and "dark comedy" alluring as expected. A show like this needs a charmingly disastrous main character, and Ray is disastrous, but not in a charming or "I'm on his side" sort of way. Why, may I ask while probably revealing too much about my high school self, would we sympathize with the high school jock whose life fell apart? Sure, we're not all those adults still obsessed with high school to the point where we really want those jerks from high school to utterly fail in their lives, but at the same time, even all Ray's failures and disasters displayed in the pilot didn't make me care. Maybe it's just the pilot and Ray will become more interesting and endearing, so I'll give it another chance, but I'm feeling very skeptical. What did you think? Were you left satisfied by Ray Drecker in the Hung pilot, or like me were you left longing for much more real dark comedy and personality?