Hungry Nation - Food Wishes is the web series where professional Chef John Mitzewich shows you how to make great new food step by step. Mitzewich covers every meal as well, everything from breakfast to delicious deserts are mentioned on Hungry Nation - Food Wishes. Chef Mitzewich makes cooking fun, and his instructions aren't overly complex, they're easy to follow so you can cook along side with him. Hungry Nation knows that everyone from CEOs to poor college students all have to eat, and they want to show everyone how fun the art of cooking is. Not everyone on the show is a professional chef, or a restaurant critic, but they all share one thing in common - a real love for food. Whether you share the same love, or just want to learn Chef Mitzewich's recipe for dishes such as Easy No Bake Chocolate Mocha, Baby Back Ribs, or even the Chicken and Mushrooms, you'll be sure to learn something from Hungry Nation - Food Wishes. Chef Mitzewich knows everything about food, and by tuning into Hungry Nation, he hopes to leave you with some knowledge that can help transform your cooking.

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