Recaps for Hyperdrive

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Not Red Dwarf but still likeable

The graphics aren't great. The characters are odd. The story is funny. I won't lie and say the one episode I've been able to get to was a laugh out loud bomb, but I did see some snickering moments. Most of what threw me was getting it in my head that this, while a Brit-com set in space, is not Red Dwarf. The crew of the starship Hyperdrive have to earn a living. Think of them as space traveling salesmen on a mission. They don't know the mission but they are going to do it anyway. In the great tradition that is British comedy, they do (whatever they have to) with tongue in cheek humor. And though this comedy is set in space there are a good many things which still have to be done, hands on. This only adds to a sense of realism. Not everything can be fixed with a click of a button. I invite you to view the episode, A Gift of the Glish. I think you'll want to hop aboard and stay with the zany crew a while. At least until they earn enough money to get themselves a proper navigator.