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'In Plain Sight' final season, 'Fairly Legal' set for March premieres

USA will pair up two of its female-led series on Friday nights starting in March when the second season of "Fairly Legal" and the fifth and final season of "In Plain Sight" make their debuts.Both shows will premiere Friday, March 16, with "Fairly Legal" leading off at 9 p.m. ET and "In Plain Sight" following at 10. "Fairly Legal" will run for 13 episodes, but "IPS'" victory lap will last only eight weeks."In Plain Sight" will pick up more or less where it left off at the end of Season 4, with federal marshal Mary (Mary McCormack) trying to balance her job and new motherhood and Marshall (Frederick Weller) still both in a relationship with Abigail (Rachel Boston) and pining for his partner. USA also teases some sort of resolution to the mystery surrounding Mary's long-lost father before the series ends.The new season of "Fairly Legal," meanwhile, will present Kate (Sarah Shahi) with a new... //

'Fairly Legal,' 'In Plain Sight' Premiere Dates Announced

  USA Network has announced the premiere dates of returning series  Fairly Legal  and  In Plain Sight. The second season of  Fairly Legal , led by  Sarah Shahi , and the final year of the  Mary McCormack drama  In Plain Sight  will both launch on Friday, March 16.  Fairly   Legal,  with new series regular  Ryan Johnson ,will begin the new Friday lineup airing at 9 p.m. with  In Plain Sight  following at 10 p.m. The decision to move both series to Fridays is not unusual for the network, which has successfully launched several long-running series on that night, including  Psych  and  White Collar.   Fairly Legal  aired on Thursdays in its first season and  In Plain Sight aired Sundays. Read More... //

In Plain Sight’s Frederick Weller Will Romance Bridget Moynahan On BLUE BLOODS

Actor Frederick Weller, known to fans as Marshall Mann in the hit USA series   In Plain Sight , has been tapped to romance actress Bridget Moynahan this fall on CBS’  BLUE BLOODS ,  EW  is reporting . Weller will apparently swoop in as the character Jacob, who is described as an "international and very charismatic art curator." Jacob and Moynahan’s Erin will become an item after hitting it off after meeting at an art gallery. Unfortunately, Erin’s love interest won’t be sticking around for long after he becomes the number one suspect on Danny’s (Donnie Wahlberg) list. Frederick Weller is scheduled to show up in  Blue Blood’s  November 4th, with his guest role set toplay  out over the course of three episodes. This isn’t the first time Weller has made the network jump. The star previously starred as a guest in  The Good Wife ,  Law & Order: Criminal Intent , and Special Victims Unit . He has also appeared in  Wainy Days , a short TV series ,  Related  and  The Jury . Read More... //

'In Plain Sight' disappears after Season 5, USA ends run with final 8 episodes

U.S. Marshall Mary Shannon is about to protect her last witness.Shortly after picking up freshman series "Suits" for a second season, USA announced that the fifth season will also be the final one for "In Plain Sight." As first reported by Variety, the network committed to eight more episodes of the Mary McCormack-starring drama, with USA co-president Jeff Wachtel saying, "We've built a contract with the audience and want to give them a sense of closure."Premiering in 2008, "In Plain Sight" has enjoyed healthy ratings during its four-season run on the network. Its recent season finale, which aired Sunday (Aug. 7), brought in 4.9 million viewers overall, a 6-percent gain from 2010.... //

IN PLAIN SIGHT Season Finale “Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up” Season 4 Episode 13

Watch a preview and check out photos of the season  finale episode  of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up" Season 4 Episode 13 which airs Sunday August 7 at 10/9C. Episode Synopsis:  IN PLAIN SIGHT "Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up" Season 4 Episode13 – On the day of her sister’s wedding, Mary is flown to Miami in order to protect her least favorite witness from hired mercenaries. Read More... //

Mary McCormack on In Plain Sight Season Finale: When Nature Calls...

I've seen the In Plain Sight season finale, my review will be live the instant this episode concludes on Sunday and I can assure fans: you don't want to miss it. Mary McCormack agrees. "I loved it. It's so great," the actress said on a conference call yesterday, adding of the story's theme: "It's hard to escape your nature." With Sunday night's cliffhanger coming up fast, McCormack and co-star Fred Weller took the time to dish about the ups, downs, and revelations of season four. Has Mary learned any lessons? Read More... //

In Plain Sight Season Finale Trailer: Work vs. Wedding

In Plain Sight airs a season finale nine months in the making this Sunday night. On "Something Borrowed, Something Blew Up," Mary will get in trouble with Brandi when work interferes with the latter's wedding. As for the former's pregnancy? How will it be resolved? We'll have to tune in and find out. But you can get a sneak peek at the episode below and, of course, you can visit TV Fanatic as soon as the finale concludes for a detailed review. Read More... //

IN PLAIN SIGHT “A Womb With A View” Season 4 Episode 12

Watch a preview and check out photos of the upcoming episode  of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "A Womb With A View" Season 4 Episode 12 which airs tonight Sunday July 24 at 10/9C. Episode Synopsis:  IN PLAIN SIGHT  IN PLAIN SIGHT "A Womb With A View" Season 4 Episode 12 – Mary learns all the joys of childbirth while protecting a courtesan from the gangster that impregnated her. Although Mary may be immune to her charms, can a seductress truly ever be trusted? Read More... //

In Plain Sight Episode Teaser: Ready for a Shock?

In Plain Sight has three great reasons why you must tune in this Sunday: A witness who changes Mary's life. Am unexpected vistor. A pun-tastic episode title: "A Womb with a View." With just two episodes remaining until the season finale, check out the following trailer now: //

IN PLAIN SIGHT “Provo-Cation” Season 4 Episode 11

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of  IN PLAIN SIGHT  "Provo-Cation" Season 4 Episode 11 which airs tonight Sunday July 24 at 10/9C. Episode Synopsis :  IN PLAIN SIGHT  IN PLAIN SIGHT "Provo-Cation" Season 4 Episode 11 – Mary helps protect a guilt-ridden army veteran, while butting  heads with his JAG  attorney. Unfortunately for Mary, things are further complicated by the return of her ex-husband. Read More... //