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In Plain Sight Review: Perfectly Messy

I have loved every episode of the final season of In Plain Sight . Although last week's episode may have been my true favorite, the series finale far from disappointed. Mary Shannon's a strong, beautiful, flawed character and I'm grateful to have gotten to watch her grow over the last five seasons and her story arc in " All's Well That Ends " was no exception. Abigail had finally reached her breaking point and I couldn't blame her. While she sat with a minister expecting her fiance to show up to help plan their wedding, Marshall was at Mary's side helping her plan her father's funeral. Read More... //

'In Plain Sight' series finale: Messy is what you need

"In Plain Sight" is a USA show, so going into Friday's (May 4) series finale, it's not like we were expecting something other than a happy ending.We got one, but it wasn't the wrapped-up-in-a-bow, walk-into-the-sunset kind of happy ending. It was instead an ending that suggests everybody will wake up tomorrow and their lives will continue to play out -- imperfectly, most likely. Given everything that's been thrown at Mary Shannon over five years, that's the kind of ending that feels right for her and the show. The finale wisely didn't reach for a big, action-packed episode -- the witness-of-the-week story, in fact, felt almost like the B-plot -- and instead let us say our goodbyes -- or farewells, to use Marshall's word -- at a measured, even leisurely pace.We're curious to hear what you thought of Marshall and Mary finally having The Talk on the balcony. The will they-won't they vibe between them has... //

In Plain Sight “All’s Well That Ends” Review

The title of the final episode of  In Plain Sight  was "All’s Well That Ends Well." Indeed, everything did end well for the characters  that we’ve watched for five seasons – even if it was not the ending viewers wanted. The episode picked up with Marshall ditching a meeting with Abigail and their minister to help Mary makefuneral arrangements  for her father. Not good. After exhibiting patience that would rival Job, Abigail finally demands that Marshall figure out what is going on between him and Mary. Despite five years of will they or won’t they tension, the partners extinguished all hope for a romantic future in less than 60 seconds. Given the reluctance of Mary McCormack and Fred Weller to have their respective characters end up in a more than platonic relationship, it was not a huge shock that Mary "released" Marshall to be with Abigail. In the real world, I’m not sure that something so complex could be dealt with so easily and there was no real acknowledgment of the extent to which Mary shared Marshall’s feelings. Always  the protector , I assumed that if Mary had romantic feelings for Marshall she would put them to the side so that he could be happy with Abigail. I actually found it to be a little bittersweet that by releasing Marshall, Mary would no longer be able to call on him outside of work. Obviously they will remain friends but after that rooftop conversation, it is clear that things would never be the same. Mary’s decision to invite the Cougar Town  guy to the dinner with her family and colleagues at the end was a good sign that Mary would not be alone but I’m still a little disappointed in how things ended. The resolution of Marshall and Mary felt true to  In Plain Sight , but what the hell you’re ending the series for good – shake things up a bit. I did not think we’d actually see Mary and Marshall in a relationship but I was hopeful that Abigail would be sent packing by the end so that we could have been left wit the suggestion of a Mary/Marshall romantic pairing. Oh well. Read More... //  

In Plain Sight Review: Exit Strategy

Almost every week of this season of In Plain Sight has left me saying the same thing. I am so going to miss this show.  " Sacrificial Lam " was no exception. This final season has been so achingly good that I'm mourning the character of Mary Shannon before she's even gone. Tonight she tracked her dying father while dealing with their history, not to mention the FBI trying to link her to her daddy's crimes. Nothing is ever easy for Mary. James Shannon, if nothing else, proved to be complex and quite simple all at once. He hunted down the man who took his son's life and killed him. A bullet to the head got the job done without preamble. Then he moved on. Read More... //

In Plain Sight “Sacrificial Lam” Review

The penultimate episode of  In Plain Sight  began with a lot of  loose ends  to tie up for its central characters. Mary clearly got her street smarts from her father as he smartly gave away the necklace with the tracking device. With the revelation that James Shannon’s cancer was terminal, I knew that he was on a kamikaze mission to make amends and ensure his family’s safety that would end in death before defeat. Although these final episodes of  In Plain Sight  have been nothing short of amazing, I really wish that they were free of Agent O’Conner. As I went to look up O’Conner’s name, I made a surprising discovery about Agent O’Conner. He is portrayed by Will McCormack, younger brother to Mary McCormack. I can’t believe that after watching every episode of every season of  In Plain Sight , I’m just learning this! Ha! His presence in the final episodes makes sense. I would want my loved ones to help me close out the series. I also did not realize that Fred Weller/Marshall Mann is married to Ali Marsh who plays the shrink that Mary loves to antagonize. Marsh, in fact, will be on the series finale next week. Truly a family affair. How sweet. Read More... //  

In Plain Sight Review: Loose Ends

" The Medal of Mary " may the best In Plain Sight installment of the series. Did I say that about last week's episode ?  Possibly, but that's because this entire final season has been phenomenal. So when Mary slapped the cuffs on dear old dad and dragged him down to the FBI, you'd figure that would score her some points or at least earn a little respect. Well, no so fast. Agent O'Connor still had it out for her.  That guy's just as distrustful of the world as Mary, only he's more of a weasel about it. I couldn't believe it when he made cracks about her daughter. I was surprised Mary didn't punch him for it. I know I wanted to see her do it. Read More... //

In Plain Sight “The Medal of Mary” Review

Having the right partner is clutch. The final season of  In Plain Sight  has been  quite the emotional roller coaster for this viewer/fan. With each passing episode you wonder if the writers will tie up every loose end or in this case, if they are going to go  there  with Marshall and Mary. I was not very encouraged after last week’s episode but my hope was renewed within the first few minutes of this week’s episode. Let’s reflect . . . 

In Plain Sight Review: Cinderfella

Old Love, lost love, and new surprises. Mary was forced to deal with all three in " Drag Me to Hell ," one of the funniest and most touching episodes of the season to date. As much as I loved last week's episode , this one was equally good for different reasons. So was Mary right? Absolutely. If she and Marshall were only partners then he would have told her he was considering proposing to Abigail. He didn't because he has feelings for Mary that they've never dealt with.  Mary was shocked to hear the news. The look that ran across her face said that she felt as though she was losing something important.  Are she and Marshall meant to be together? I don't really think so but I also believe there are plenty of unresolved feelings there that will come back to haunt them. Of course if they had given it a shot and it didn't work out I'm not sure they would still be able to work as partners. It's definitely a double edged sword. Read More... //

In Plain Sight Review: The Paradox of Choice

As much as I enjoyed last week's episode of In Plain Sight, " The Merry Wives of WITSEC " ranked as one of my favorite episodes of the series.  Mary's snarkiness was in rare form as she dealt with the nanny search at home and a hall of fame weasel of a witness at work. First off the crime that drove John into WITSEC was gruesomely fascinating. They were stealing kidneys while performing gastric bypass operations. That's both criminally brilliant and horrific all at once. How the heck do you go into WITSEC with two wives?  What made John most despicable was that he never acknowledged the damage he'd done to these two families. Mary and Marshall's reactions when they found out about John's bigamy were priceless.  Mary snarked that he was the last of the hopeless romantics as he proclaimed his love for both families while Marshall called him a sociopath for believing his own delusions. Read More... //

In Plain Sight “Drag Me To Hell” Review

I was fine with accepting that this is the final season of  In Plain Sight  but the writers of the show are clearly asking viewers to accept a lot of change before the final episode airs. Despite my frustration with Marshall’s sudden engagement, the potential closing of the Albuquerque WITSEC office  and  Mary hooking up with the guy from  Cougar Town , I’m still hanging in there because of the explosive final minutes of this week’s episode. We knew that Mary’s father had to resurface at some point but it was still shocking. However, I was not shocked that Mary immediately took him into custody. I can’t wait for the next episode to see how much trouble Mary’s father has gotten himself in but I’m not all that excited about the prospect of Jinx and Brandi returning now that daddy’s home. Read More... //