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If you like ITAZURA NA KISS, you'll LOVE

"It Started With A Kiss" and "They Kiss Again". Both of these are the live action shows of Itazura na Kiss...."It Started With A Kiss" is season one and "They Kiss Again" is season two. It is pretty much the same as Itazura Na Kiss but adds ALOT more to the story. Its very funny and will give you something to watch while you are waiting on subs. Each episode is about 45 mins long. I know Season one is 30 episodes but I'm un sure about season 2 Just wanted to spread the joy and hope you have fun watching it like me if you decide to.

Kotoko's Niche in Life

I really enjoyed episode 21 of Itazura na Kiss! Finally, Kotoko's found her place in life. I wondered for the longest time if she would just be a klutz all her life and if she would ever find something that she could make her own. I think she finally has. While she may still be a klutz, she has become a nurse that the patients can depend on even when she would love to ring their necks. I also love that Naoki appears to have become more human and that he obviously appreciates Kotoko more. Thanks so much for posting this. It is indeed one of the more enjoyable animes I watched in a long time.

Need More! Just Great!

Got into this yesterday night by accident and i've seen all 19 episodes in one night/morning, love it!!!


[Spoiler] I was just wondering that it's quite early for them to marry... And quite suddenly. I mean, there's been some hints that Irie loves Kotoko, but no real proof. And now it all happens in one episode... confession, parents, marriage... I'm kind of shocked and really worried, cause something's bound to go wrong, isn't it? What do you think?