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'Jerry Springer' Producer Arrested for Murder

Jill Blackstone, a longtime 'Divorce Court' executive producer, has been released after the DA declined to file charges.   Read More... //

Strippers, Fights and Audience Flashing on 'Jerry Springer' (VIDEO)

Warning: This video is not safe for work, unless you actually work on 'Jerry Springer' (weekdays, syndicated). It involves a man cheating on his girlfriend when he's stoned, strippers, fights, women making out with women, and random audience members flashing the camera. But then, you probably assumed all of that when you saw the name "Springer." The basic story: A woman confronts her boyfriend about his infidelity with both her best friend and strippers, and he defends himself by saying, "Yeah, I love you, but you know I make stupid decisions when I'm stoned." The strippers then confront the crying girlfriend and say, "Just because we're strippers does not make us whores," offending both subject/predicate and moral decency. Read More... //

Jerry Springer Doesn't Like His Show and Thinks He's Going to Hell (VIDEO)

"Trash TV" host Jerry Springer appeared on 'Chelsea Lately' (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!). While speaking with Chelsea Handler, he discussed the 20th anniversary of 'The Jerry Springer Show.' However, Jerry seems to have mixed feelings about his own program, at best. "Congratulations on twenty years," Chelsea said to him. "That's a really long time." But this was Jerry's response: "I'm going to Hell." Yes, Jerry Springer is not actually a big fan of the 'The Jerry Springer Show.' "There's no excuse for it, but yeah; it stays on the air," he said. Jerry also pointed out that his talk show has "no redeeming social value." He seemed to be struggling to think of something positive about his long TV career. Eventually, he mentioned that he generally liked the guests on his program -- even though his guests usually end up screaming, cursing, fighting, or throwing chairs at each other. But Chelsea didn't even buy the fact that Jerry liked his guests. "You're so full of sh#t right now," she told him. She went on to add that the people on his show were "maniacs," and Jerry didn't seem to totally disagree. Source & Video

Jerry Springer Gets "Feel-Good" with Baggage

When Jerry Springer compares the Game Show Network's dating show, Baggage, to The Jerry Springer Show, he is just as forthcoming as the contestants on his new show have to be. "The biggest difference is the people on Baggage have teeth," Springer tells "Right off, I noticed that." After 19 years of watching contestants air their dirty laundry (and fight and throw chairs) on The Jerry Springer Show, the 66-year-old's unapologetic honesty should come as no surprise. It also makes him the perfect host for GSN's dating show. On Baggage, which airs weeknights at 6:30/5:30c, contestants must go through two elimination rounds to compete for the affection of one dater. During the two rounds, the contestants are forced to reveal all of their deepest and darkest baggage. In the final round, the dater must also spill their personal history so that the contestant can decide whether they're willing give a relationship a try. "It's a friendlier show. People aren't there to have confrontations," Springer says. "They're there to try to get a date. It's a feel-good show, but it's a show which inspires conversation among the people watching." Despite the crowded field of dating shows, Springer thinks Baggage offers a unique approach - and a better shot at love - for its willing contestants. To Read More Click Here .

Jerry Springer to Make Stage Debut in Chicago

Give him the old razzle dazzle: Talk-show host Jerry Springer is slated to take to the London West End stage in a production of the musical Chicago, The Associated Press reports. Springer's six-week stint as lawyer Billy Flynn -played by Richard Gere in the Oscar-winning 2002 film version - begins in June. Springer is taking singing lessons in anticipation. The 65-year-old's new gig explains his recent departure from NBC's America's Got Talent, which he hosted for two seasons. Nick Cannon will replace Springer on the reality show. This isn't Springer's first time in a high-profile musical - at least as a character. The British Jerry Springer: The Opera ran for more than 600 performances in London, and Harvey Keitel played the king of trash talk for two performances at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Source here