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Reality Invasion! I'd Rather Gouge My Eyes Out Than Watch... - Featured

There's definitely some good summer reality TV. For me, this includes So You Think You Can Dance , Top Chef Masters , and I'm even warming up to The Fashion Show (Bravo's shameless Project Runway copy upon losing the show to Lifetime Television ). Then...there's the other stuff. So, we've decided that it would be fun to put to a collective SideReel vote what is the absolute worst excuse for a reality TV show that somehow managed to end up on television? As the title states, you'd basically rather gouge your eyes out than sit through an episode of... Some possible options: I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! Jon & Kate plus 8 (dear god I have heard enough about these 2 clowns...) Hitched or Ditched Real World: Cancun The Superstars Here Come the Newlyweds Wipeout I Survived a Japanese Game Show More to Love (coming soon...basically The Bachelor with overweight people) Big Brother 11 NYC Prep Comment with your selection. Feel free to nominate a different show than the ones listed here or to renominate a show that has already been mentioned. Have fun identifying the bottom feeders of summer television!

Kate beating down John

LOVE the show, but if it is better for the family that they stop filming, they should do that. I know we don't know these people, and their lives are reduced to 40 minutes a wk for us after editing, but watching Kate & John onscreen makes me uncomfortable at times-namely Kate belittling & trying to suck every last bit of self-esteem out of John. The rumors about him-he prob just needs2be in the company of others not treating him so badly. They are both intellingent people, and great parents&I understand they must yell at each other w/a family so huge. But they r still young ppl only in their early 30's. John has lost himself-he no longer works& seems his job now is to take constant verbal(&sometimes physical abuse w/ her constantly slapping him in the face "lovingly) from Kate. He shows he's a real person by wondering if all this is best for his family-thy're 'Hollywood' now even from rural PA. If it were the other way around-him talking to her in that way on a daily; there would be claims of spousal abuse & OUTRAGE. The kids r great & seem well adjusted-(Mady may hav some emotional stuff goin on they shud deal w/) & to her credit, Kate's organization keeps it running. But she's so disrespectful toward John-on national TV even! Don't think the cameras r responsible for all their marital problems. Kate seems to have a fear of him leaving, so she tears him down, same as emotionally Abusive men do...

want more

CAN someone post more then just i tunes on there, there is no point and even posting it if you cant get more then one site!!!! please someone post something besides amazon and itunes. thanks

jon and kate plus 8

this show is awesome!