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26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook - Featured

Entertaiment Weekly has constructed one of their giant lists - this one of canceled-too-soon TV shows, in honor of the DVD release of one such show, Andy Richter Controls the Universe. Popular favorites on the list include Moonlight , Journeyman , Firefly , Swingtown and this season's Life on Mars (but no Eli Stone ?!). Check out the full list: 26 Great TV Shows That Got a Quick Hook And share which canceled show you are most distraught over...or which show is missing from this list.

ITS A LIE!!! it wasn't cancelled :...( it wasn't ............. dam them

why cancell it, seriously.

So Sad

I'm so sad that this show was canceled, in my opinion it was a great great show!


Sorry but this sounds like it's a SLIGHT rip-off of the excellent novel 'The Time Travellers Wife'. Too coincidental...


SEND rice packets to NBC head quaters just google save journeyman to get all the info