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Here Comes Baby Epside Part 2

This episode does not exist; there is no part 2. It was just created by someone to add spam links. Okay to delete it.

Kendra My Fave Girl Next Door

Think she is just so real even though she is beautiful she is very genuine & hides nothing even the less than flattering , which personally so endearing that she has worked hard to be in position today but using her physical looks mainly she does not take herself too seriously or pose like most really attractive women, she reminds me of myself & my best gal pals because of this. Also Like Holly she is my 2nd fave, but sorry from day one some thing about Bridget I just can't take too, I just don't like her at all, so she comes LAST of all , that is after Krystal who seems quite cool & even the twins who I would have to smother the freaks they are so annoying, talentless & fake little girls who act like in some nasty cheap porn video online they have NO .. ZERO class ..But still above Bridget ....

these episodes arent organized right

so ive gone through these links and it looks like the 1st episode was the house warming party and its suppoesd to be a date with her and hank and a yard sale....i cant find the second half, im lost haha someone help me out!