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how can they cancel this show :( yes I went there i made a sad face

Kyle please love Jessi!

I'm just getting into this show and it's cancelling! It's really a good plot, just had some bad side characters with stupid plots. But the whole innocence of Jessie and Kyle is crazy great.

Pilot episode

I have been wanting to watch this show ever since I saw it on TV, but never got around to it. The problem is I now have a chance to watch it here on side reel , yet the one link from ABC does not work, and I don't have any other links. Does anybody know where I can watch the pilot?

What shows should i watch?

I mean on tv i have 4 tv shows on Monday to watch gossip girl, one three hill, kyle xy, The Big Bang theory What two shows should i watch that day and the other 2 watch online after?

Really Hard to FIND the box sets !!!!!

can any one piont me in the right direction as to where to get the box sets of Kyle XY !!! please I would be greatful This is another show that should be watched by more people like heroes. I think if you like heroes you will like this show !

when is season 3 coming

when is season 3 coming 4 kyle xy and what should we expect. will kyle find Amanda or dd that DJ c kyle flying.

season 3

can't hardly wait for the next season

RE: I Believe...

I believe that Brian Taylor kidnapped Amanda as he still had his Latnok ring, he is most likely using this as a way to get Kyle to convince Jesse to return. But there is a possibility that this is in fact Latnok trying to test Kyle.. Who knows it should be good the writers haven't let us down yet.

I Believe....

I Believe that Foss kidnapt Amanda. Think! Why was He at the prom, jast to say good luke " I Dont think so". Foss saw what Amanda and every one eles would do to Kyle. If you do believe me then watch the part befor Amanda is gone, the person behind her. see, now think.

Kyle XY

Most of the third season has been filmed and normally Kyle starts in July so you can guess that again, is when we will get the next eps... Hopefully Jessie is will toned down alot, if she is in next season which I think she will be... I also think Jessie and Kyle will team up to go against Latnok, but I could be wrong....