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Law and Order Series Finale

Well as usual I could not wait to watch it. I was especially impressed with McCoy going off on the school legal rep for blocking the testimony of the female teacher. The last show however gave me the impression that either there will be a movie to let us know what happen to everybody or something. I am happy that Van Buren was cancer free....I almost cried watching her go through this. But I still enjoyed the end even if it is the real end. Can not wait for Law and Order LA. MCCoy may still be the district attorney.

Law and Order Biased as Hell

I'm a pretty easy going and I know shows like to distribute their pro whatever policy, BUT L&O Fed takes it to the extreme. They bust some guy who they make out to be an anti-government loon with a drum of rat poison (probably not illegal to have). They associate him with the Tea Parties. Then have his gun toting buddies attacking the police station. STOP The tea parties (I didn't attend btw) were about Americans VOICING their concerns to the members of congress/senate/government. I didn't see anything violent at all. CONTRAST The anti-war/ anti-bush protests in San Francisco had example after example where they destroyed cars, threw fire bombs, fire extinguishers, etc. I haven't seen any L&O episode about that. I know they'll say it's only a show and fictional but when you're biased all the time frankly you suck. The show (as is any show) has to provide entertainment value, not political appeasement. I'd say the same thing about any show that pushed the other end of the political spectrum, if there was one that is....

Did Fed air?

Can't find any links to the "Fed" episode, but sidereel's informing me that the air date was in deed 12/4. Anyone know if this episode actually aired? If you've got links, they'd be appreciated! Thanks!

3 dwag night season 12 episode 9



Was that Rue Mcclanahan playing dowager in this episode?

JAck McCoy!

I am so sad since McCoy is the D.A. because we never get to see him anymore, he isn't even in the opening credits anymore! I miss his radical ideas and methods of trying cases.


please don't put svu videos in with law and order put them in with the other svu's

amazon box

plsssssssssssssssssssssss, i wanna watch, but amazon box.com is not happening. pls post free links and ones that can be viewed outside the US