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Leverage “The Broken Wing Job” Season 5 Episode 8

Leverage  "The Broken Wing Job" Season 5 Episode 8 airs Sunday September 9 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  When a broken leg leaves Parker behind on the crew’s latest job, she spies on the Brew Pub’s customers for fun and discovers a group of thieves planning a heist. Read More... //  

Leverage “The Real Fake Car Job” Season 5 Episode 7

Leverage  "The Real Fake Car Job" Season 5 Episode 7  airs Sunday September 2 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis :  The Leverage  team fakes the discovery of a legendary antique car  in order to convince a Wall Street fraud to break the immunity deal that protects him from prosecution. Read More... //  

LEVERAGE: Dean Devlin on the Show Feeling Revitalized

One of my favorite parts of summer? Getting new episodes of TNT’s LEVERAGE. The series might be in its fifth season, but somehow, at least to me, it hasn’t managed to fall into a slump that most shows that age have experienced. When I spoke with LEVERAGE executive producer Dean Devlin, he told me he [...] //

Leverage “The D.B. Cooper Job” Season 5 Episode 6

Leverage  "The D.B. Cooper Job" Season 5 Episode 6  airs Sunday August 26 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis :  A dying FBI Agent’s greatest failure – allowing skyjacker D.B. Cooper to escape justice –becomes Nate’s obsession as he looks back to the ’70s to solve one of America’s great mysteries. Read More... //  

Leverage “The Gimme a K Street Job” Season 5 Episode 5

Leverage  "The Gimme a K Street Job" Season 5  Episode 5 airs Sunday August 19 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  To take down a competitive cheerleading company that profits by putting teenage girls at risk, the team must tackle its most corrupt foe yet: Congress . Read More... //  

Leverage “The French Connection Job” Season 5 Episode 4

Leverage  "The French Connection  Job" Season 5 Episode 4 airs Sunday August 12 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  The Leverage team goes inside the world of culinary schools and celebrity chefs to bring down a corrupt restaurateur who destroys lives in his pursuit of fame and money. Read More... //  

Interview: Leverage’s Aldis Hodge Talks Season 5, Hardison/Parker Relationship & More

Change is good. I think no one agrees more with that statement than Aldis Hodge who plays the always entertaining techno expert Alec Hardison on the TNT hit series Leverage. This season , Hardison is facing a few changes of his own as he is officially in a new relationship  with the quirky and mysterious Parker, into some shenanigans with Nate and so much more. Read More... //  

Leverage “The First Contact Job” Season 5 Episode 3

Leverage  "The First Contact Job" Season 5  Episode 3  airs Sunday August 5 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  The Leverage team takes down a wealthy scientist who stole his former research partner’s discovery and ruined his reputation. Their tactic is to convince him he’s made first contact with aliens. Read More... //  

Leverage “The Blue Line Job” Season 5 Episode 2

Leverage  "The Blue Line Job" Season 5 Episode 2 airs Sunday July 22 2012 at 8 pm on TNT. Episode Synopsis:  While trying to save a stubborn hockey enforcer from sustaining permanent injury in the playoffs, the Leverage crew discovers that someone has nefarious designs on the team. Read More... //  

LEVERAGE: Timothy Hutton Previews the New Season

LEVERAGE is back! As the new season kicks off tonight, the team is on the move — to Portland, Oregon, where the series is actually filmed. "One of the biggest things is that the Leverage team has officially moved to Portland where we film the show," Timothy Hutton (Nate) told reporters on a conference call. [...] //