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Sneak Peeks - Life Unexpected 1.08 "Bride Unbridled"

A new episode of Life Unexpected will be airing on March 8. We just posted promo photos for this episode and now the network has released a promo, an episode preview and two sneak peeks. LIFE UNEXPECTEDLUX AND JONES GO ON THEIR FIRST DATE. To Read More Click Here .

'Life Unexpected' Episode 8 "Bride Unbridled" Promos and Photos

It's like drenching a wound with alcohol on the next episode of Life Unexpected, when, fresh from the breakup, Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith) have to contend with Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) again, this time, when the latter intrudes on their wedding expo gig. There's a sort of Newly Wed game which Baze and Math joins - much like the Hands on a Hybrid plot if you think about it. On the Lux (Britt Robertson) side of things, she and best friend Tash failed in their little plan last week, so now Tash lives three hours away from Portland. They find, however, that they have more stuff in common as things aren't also peachy with Tash and Gavin, whereas Bug still hasn't called after skipping town. To Read More Click Here .

LIFE UNEXPECTED "Crisis Unaverted" Episode 7

Watch a sneak peek and photos of the upcoming episode of the new CW show LIFE UNEXPECTED "Crisis Unaverted" Episode 7 which airs Monday March 1st at 9/8c on the CW. Show Synopsis: In the midst of feeling like he is being pushed out of Lux's (Britt Robertson) life by Cate (Shiri Appleby) and Ryan (Kerr Smith), Baze wins the chance to compete against Ryan in a radio station contest and is determined to be the last man standing. Cate (Shiri Appleby) contemplates finally telling Ryan the full truth about Baze, but can't bear the thought of what might happen if she does. When Tasha (guest star Ksenia Solo) tells Lux (Britt Robertson) she may have to move three hours away to a new foster home, Lux decides to help Tasha track down her mother who is still living in town. Austin Basis also stars. Jerry Levine directed the episode written by Taylor Hamra. Source & Preview

'Life Unexpected': Kerr Smith on the special cast demerit system

The cast members for "Life Unexpected" have invented an excellent demerit system for themselves. The demerit system is based on when someone in the cast is being, well, a d-bag. We'll let show star Kerr Smith explain how the system works. We don't agree with Kerr's suggestion that the demerits be anonymously left in the actors' trailers. That's just inviting an abuse of the d-bag demerits. We are not surprised, however, that Kristoffer Polaha likes to hand them out. "Life Unexpected" airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET/PT on the CW. Source & Video

Life Unexpected First Look: Lux at the Prom

A couple important programming notes regarding Life Unexpected: * CW President Dawn Ostroff says there's a "real shot" that the show will be renewed for a second season. * It moves to 8 p.m. on March 8, when Gossip Girl returns with new episodes. * A week later, the show airs an installment titled "Formal Reformed." More on the final point: the episode will revolve around Lux and her high school prom. As you can see below, she shares at least one dance at the event with Bug: However, according to E! News, the main character will also spend some quality time at the dance with Jones; while Baze will crash the affair. Do you hope this series comes back for a second (and third... and fourth...) season? Source Here

Cancellation Buzz: 'Unexpected' Renewal for 'LUX'? CW Prez Sounds Off - Featured

Life UneXpected and One Tree Hill fans have been an unhappy bunch following The CW 's non-inclusion of their favorite shows on its first list of early renewals that featured Gossip Girl , America's Next Top Model , Vampire Diaries, Supernatural , and 90210 . Life Unexpected, the charming freshman series about a charming little foster care product Lux (Britt Robertson), has gotten rave reviews from critics and last week posted its best ratings in almost a month at 2 mil, continuing its successful hold of One Tree Hill's audiences over the weeks. The cold shoulder from the netlet then was largely unexpected. Good news for Life Unexpected fans: CW President Dawn Ostroff kind of agrees. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Life Unexpected 1.07 "Crisis Unaverted"

All new episodes of Life Unexpected will continue to air throughout March, with the next new episode airing on March 1. Below are promo photos and a short synopsis, courtesy of the CW. CATE CONSIDERS TELLING RYAN THE TRUTH ABOUT BAZE. To Read More Click Here .

'Life Unexpected' Episode 7 "Crisis Unaverted" Clips and Promos

Just to give you a quick heads up on how things are on Life Unexpected, things have blossomed into a full-blown competition between the guys on Cate's (Shiri Appleby) life, following Baze's (Kristoffer Polaha) guest spot on her radio show with partner and boyfriend Ryan (Kerr Smith). The two, Cate and Ryan, patched things up in the end, only Cate didn't tell him that she slept with Baze on the night of Lux (Britt Robertson) coming to their lives. Instead, she told him that Baze tried to kiss him and he tried to stop him, which was a big fat lie. On the upcoming episode called "Crisis Unaverted" a "Hands on a Hybrid" contest has Baze and Ryan dangerously close to each other, leaving Cate worried that Baze might let it slip to her fiance that she is an unfaithful liar. On the Lux side of things, she proceeds to help Tasha find her mom after learning that her best friend might have to move to a foster home three hours away. Source & Previews

Will the CW Renew 'Life Unexpected'?

The Vampire Diaries just got a booming vote of confidence from the CW courtesy of an early pickup, alongside staples Gossip Girl, Supernatural, America's Next Top Model and 90210. OK, maybe the last one isn't so much a staple. Glaringly missing from the list, however, is the much-hyped and heavily promoted Life Unexpected. We just met Lux (Britt Robertson), but is it already time to say goodbye to our favorite foster care product? Sources tell E! Online that the netlet is currently choosing between Life Unexpected and fellow Monday night resident and CW vet One Tree Hill, and only one will survive. As a newer show, the CW is reportedly giving Life Unexpected more time, which so far had been successful in holding on to Tree Hill's robust 2.5 mil average viewers. One Tree Hill fans have already started a petition to renew the series, and Shantel VanSanten tells E! Online that a "lot more" is in store for fans if the show doesn't get canceled. "I know that a lot of us have been signed on for one more year," VanSanten adds. "And I feel like there's a lot that's due to our stories. I don't feel like we're ready to end. I feel like there's so much unfinished business, and I'm really, really hoping that we'll get another year." Source Here

Life Unexpected Producer Previews Lux Love Triangle, "Big" Season Finale - Featured

A week ago, we heard from the Life UneXpected cast, as various actors and actresses have fans a glimpse at what's ahead on this CW drama. But Kerr Smith, Shiri Appleby and company left out a few juicy nuggets. For example: Who is about to get involved in a love triangle? And how is the show preparing for a second season? Executive producer Liz Tigelaar spoke to TV Guide and provided answered to these questions and more. A few key excerpts: The Cate Escape: "When we get to Episode 7, things really come to a head for Lux and Cate, and Lux chooses Baze at that point as her parent. She wants to be with Baze and she's closer to him." Jonesing for a Relationship: Austin Butler will come aboard as a boy named Jones and "There is going to be a Bug-Lux-Jones triangle that starts to brew. Jones is a mini-Baze... Baze likes Jones so much better than Bug, though we also see Baze' relationship with Bug develop." To Read More Click Here .