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Where'd they go?!

Is it just me or did Shane and Charles change from the ones casted in Season 1 episode 1? Wasn't Shane the American one and Charles the British one? I'm confused!


You kept us in limbo for how long? Promising to bring Lipstick Jungle back only to stick it to us again. Way to go NBC...oh, what's the name of the chimp making decisions at this moronic network? Please tell him/her to get a brain.

Canceled? Yes or No???

Is Lipstick Jungle done. I feel like I'm on a roller coaster ride. There is a new episode airing on Friday which I'm happy about but what after that? Some sources say that it is not canceled yet. And that there could possibly be 3 more episodes (including Fridays). Anyone have anymore info on this?

Lipstick Jungle to get cancelled (unless viewership improves)

The first few episodes had an average of 6.4 million viewers which, you know, isn't amazing but it still kicked Cashmere Mafia's butt so the network decided to stay with it. But these past few weeks haven't been good. In fact, last week, only 4.3 million tuned in to the show. If this goes on, the series may be canceled by the end of the year. :( and that would be, well, bad for us LJ fans. righht??? Watch Lipstick Jungle on your TVs guys!

Is it just me or does...

Wendy's Mother look like an alien?!?!?! :)

Joe Bennet?

question: is Joe leaving the show? because, for some reason, while he turned out to be a total jerk in the finale i actually really liked him... don't know why, but i did. anyone know the answer to that question>

Lipstick Jungle

Was a bit unsure of this series at first, but it has bacome quickly addictive. Am glad they're going to continue it now the strike is over,