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London Spy Finale Recap: Last Gasp Plus: Grade the Finale!

It wasnt exactly Thelma and Louise careening over a cliff with the top down, but the finale ofLondon Spy gave us its own bittersweet car scene one thats probably as close to a happy ending as you could expect from BBC Americas somber, meditative spy tale/gay love story. Before we discuss our feelings aboutDanny [] //

London Spy Finale Recap: What Really Happened

The fatal weakness of London Spy reveals itself. ...   Read More... //

London Spy Recap: Poor Scottie

Let us now praise Jim Broadbent, the star of London Spy .    Read More... //

London Spy Recap: Truly Bonkers

  At last, London Spy has tipped into truly bonkers territory. After two hours full of set-ups and puzzles, the plot has suddenly kicked into hyperdrive. Massive conspiracies! Six different spy agencies! Covert HIV injections! Strange symbols on cards! Randomly buzzing cell phones!   Frankly, this is not a bad thing. It's a relief to move away from the vagaries of the first two episodes. We've finally reached the meat of the show and as a result, the third episode is London Spy 's strongest yet. Let's dig into it....   Read More... //

London Spy Recap: The Full Rampling

  Before we get to the episode, there's an elephant in the room that I should acknowledge. The elephant is elegant and extremely talented and forbidding and has said some well-publicized and very stupid things and is named Charlotte Rampling .   In a cosmically terrible instance of bad timing, the second half of the second episode of London Spy is dominated by Charlotte Rampling, who plays the mother of the late, lamented Alistair (or Alex, or whatever this most confusing spy's name was). You can't help but watch her and think, "OMG, she's so good and gaaah she probably had unbelievably antiquated thoughts about black people and Hollywood while she filmed this." So let's get it out of the way: Rampling is typically great in this episode, and it's also very awkward to watch her right at this moment....   Read More... //

London Spy Series Premiere Recap: What's in a Name?

  London Spy is a pretty banal title, yet it's difficult to think of a more appropriate name for this series, which relentlessly avoids easy categorization. It's a love story one gay enough to give a Daily Mail critic apoplexy and a spy story, and an urban alienation story. It's delivered in an oblique tone that always threatens to tip into the portentous, but somehow holds together through sheer atmosphere. After watching the first episode, it's still tough to know what we just went through.   Read More... //

London Spy Review: Come for the Espionage, Stay for Ben Whishaw's Performance

BBC America's new miniseries is less a spy thriller than an exploration of one man's journey as he sets out to uncover the truth about his lover's grisly murder.   Read More... //

Ben Whishaw shines in taut London Spy drama

The starting point of London Spy echoes the real-life case of Gareth Williams, an MI6 operative who, in 2010, was found naked and dead in a padlocked duffel with the key inside the bag. Thats about as juicy as you can get. And yet, this gorgeously somber BBC America miniseries, premiering Thursday at 10...   Read More... //

'London Spy': TV Review

Great acting, wonderful cinematography shape a love story at the center of a spy story in BBC America's languid miniseries.   Read More... //

Review: London Spy Follows an Unlikely Investigator With Love on His Mind

This five-part BBC America mini-series, written by Tom Rob Smith and directed by Jakob Verbruggen, is a loopy mix of romance and conspiracy thriller.    Read More... //