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Longmire: Season 4 Review

Western crime series Longmire lands on Netflix with a gripping, confident, more serialized Season 4.   Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Finale Review “Ashes to Ashes”

This week was the season finale of  Longmire , and I have very mixed feelings about how storylines were wrapped up. The long drawn out mystery of Martha’s murder is finally solved, Henry goes free, and Branch gets as close as he’s going to get to peace. The last minute is a spectacular cliffhanger, but I’m not sure it makes up for what has been a meandering season. Walt ends up taking Ridges’ body to the morgue, which is an interesting choice since the guy was just stabbed to death. No processing of the crime scene, no coroner picking up the body, no Walt giving someone a statement. Nope. It’s all Walt loading the body into the truck and driving him into town like he would with a dead animal found on the side of the road. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Counting Coup”

On the one hand, this week’s  Longmire  was good because it moved us in the direction of solving some of the more problematic storylines. On the other hand, the resolution of the biggest storyline – David Ridges – was unsatisfactory. It also looks like Walt and Vic will be getting in bed soon, which I would really rather not see. The weird cat and mouse between Ridges and Branch took a turn for the ludicrous. Branch is barreling down the road and gets a call from Ridges, who happens to be standing on a bridge watching Branch at just that moment. They have a showdown that is profoundly disappointing. Branch has been after this guy for how long – why can’t he pull the trigger? Because of the feather and other mumbo jumbo? Branch chokes and Ridges dives into the river. What was the point of all that? If Ridge’s plan was to kill Branch next, why didn’t he just do it? Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Harvest”

Walt is back on the beat after last week’s shoot out. There’s a body on a farm and a messy land eviction behind it. Vic and Sean decide that avoidance is the best way to handle their recent abduction, which no doubt will be wonderful for their relationship. The tension is rising between Vic and Branch. Vic learns that Branch broke into her house and looked on her laptop. When Branch tries to intimate her, Vic stands up to him and tells him to get the hell out of her face. I kind of wanted to clap. Branch is so out of control and to try and push things with Vic after her recent trauma was pathetic. It was so great that Vic puts him in his place. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review - Population 25

Apologies for the delay  Longmire  readers. Sickness waylaid me, but I’m now caught up with this week’s Vic-stravaganza. I was hopeful that we would finally get to see Vic spending some quality time with her husband, Sean. But, sadly, it’s short lived and downright tragic. Shortly after starting out on their romantic get away, Vic and Sean swerve to avoid a bear and end up crashing into the ravine. Vic is cautious enough to bring a gun and a cell phone on the trip, yet she refuses to take either when she goes down the road for help. When Vic doesn’t return, Sean sees Gorsky speed by. You can almost hear the “dum, dum, dummmm.” Walt shows up after getting a frantic call from Sean. Turns out Gorsky is Vic’s fairy godstalker and conveniently witnessed the kidnapping of Sean. So who’s really behind the abduction? Walt’s nemesis – Chance Gilbert. When we got this reveal, my initial reaction was, “Huh?” Again, Gilbert is one of those minor characters that surfaces sporadically, so I have a hard time remembering what his deal is. Then I realized, we don’t know his deal and Walt has to spoon feed it to us in a 5 second synopsis. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Reports of My Death”

This week’s  Longmire  tore a page from the book of  Dynasty  when Walt got mixed up with some serious family drama. After a homeless man dies in front of the Sheriff’s station, Walt learns that the man may be the missing heir to an epically large fortune. He may also be an imposter. To get to the bottom of it, Walt travels back to the wealthy family’s ranch – a place he remembers from his own childhood when his father worked at the property. This part of the episode was so-so. The story was mildly interesting, but predictable. You knew from the second you met the creepy siblings that something wasn’t right with those two. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Wanted Man”

This week’s episode of  Longmire  highlights one of the show’s weak spots – random characters with potentially pivotal roles who are challenging to keep track of. We get a lot of this as Walt heads out on his quest to rundown all the lowlifes in a 20-mile radius who could have been involved in his wife’s murder. At the end of the episode, we don’t end up making much progress on discovering who set in motion Martha’s murder, and instead come back to the story of David Ridges. We start out with Walt deciding whether to help Malachi at his parole hearing. We get a sweet flashback of when Walt first arrested Malachi, before Walt tells the board about Malachi’s attempt to extort his assistance in exchange for helping Henry. I like that Walt stuck by his guns and integrity. It’s important to the core of this character that he doesn’t bend the law too far, and giving into a criminal like Malachi would’ve felt like a complete betrayal. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “In the Pines”

Let’s jump in and talk all things  Longmire . This week, Walt and his crew were faced with a bizarre campsite murder that implicated various troubled individuals. This storyline turned out to involve a (rightfully) jealous spouse who kills the man his wife is cheating with. It loosely parallels the storyline of Vic’s suspected infidelities and inappropriate sexual relationships, which comes back into focus when her husband receives a photo of Vic and Walt outside the Arizona motel. Branch continues on his mission to prove that David Bridges is alive, and he makes a major break through. Branch kills a bunny, bleeds on the carcass, and sets the thing on fire. When Walt confronts him about testing the ashes again, Branch reveals his scheme. This exchange was convoluted and didn’t quite make sense even on a second viewing. It sounds at first like the match for the second round of testing came back positive for Bridges. But, what appears to have happened is that Branch had the bunny ashes tested and they came back positive for his DNA. The conclusion he reaches is that Bridges would only have needed to put some of his DNA on an animal carcass and the DNA test would be positive. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Miss Cheyenne”

Longmire  pushed forward this week in a procedural vein. A well-liked local doctor turns up dead, and Walt struggles to figure out who would have the motive to kill him. Meanwhile, as a favor to Henry, Walt also volunteers to judge the Miss Cheyenne pageant. The nice thing about this episode is that it brought together several interesting aspects of Native American culture and raised some important issues regarding their treatment historically. Cady initially has the challenging task of getting bail for Henry when he doesn’t have any traditional ties to the community, such as being married and having children. But, at his bail hearing, May Stillwater testifies that Standing Bear is an important member of the community who saved her daughter. His actions make him family. Just based on his relationship with Walt, we know that Henry is an incredibly loyal friend. The only reason he’s been arrested is because he doesn’t want Walt to take the fall for Miller Beck’s murder. Read More... //

Longmire Season 3 Review “Of Children and Travelers”

I’m not typically a big police procedural fan, but I do enjoy it when Longmire follows that script. This week, Vic discovers (somehow) the body of a young Russian girl under a bridge. We see her in the beginning of the episode hitchhiking, and from there you could have predicted she would have been raped and murdered by one of the guys who picked her up. Fortunately, we get a less conventional story – which is maybe why this episode defies my police procedural aversion. The victim, Polina, is an orphan who has been through a lot and was killed for trying to protect her foster sister. The basic premise of the episode is truly tragic; children who are brought to the US find that their adoptive parents don’t have the patience to overcome the children’s behavioral issues. Their solution is to go into internet chat groups and hand their children to random strangers who are willing to take them in. It’s a strange and shady child trafficking that is heartbreaking to imagine actually exists. To unravel the mystery of what happened to Polina, Walt and Vic pretty much ignore the concept of jurisdiction and head out of state to interrogate the girl’s parents. Read More... //